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Sunday 25 February 2024 - 16 Shaban 1445


Man, wholly, is a thinking mind and an articulating tongue, and the whole idea is the existence incarnated on the social ground, does to others and reacts with them.

Every civilized human is kind and just. He loves knowledge and tends to discover truth, swaying from intoxication, drinking from the cup of pursuit towards the general good and erupts like a volcano as he yearns for excellence shaping in giving justly for the benefit of society and humanity.

The civilized human is kind to himself, kind to his environment and kind to the people of his community, and all humanity without exception. A human does good to himself if he protects his body, which is a natural offspring, respecting all natural orders while dealing with it, where he doesn’t harm it by polluting it with tobacco, drugs, intoxicants, chemical food or drinks or the germs of pornography. A man also does good to himself if he protects his mind and teaches it to respect the laws of reason and respect the intuitive facts, the scientific evidences and the divine information. Regarding this he shouldn’t feed his mind but with unquestionable knowledge and virtual facts and scientific facts that are used for the good of humanity but not for its harm and its doom, facts that are eminent and prohibits what is forbidden and facts that do not promote artistically what is pleasurable, what is bad and what seduces them to what is forbidden.

The Almighty said, “God orders justly and kindly, bestows those who are near, and puts an end to adultery, atrocity and oppression.” Is there kindness more beautiful than a human being treating himself justly and also treats others justly and be a landmark for truth and love and other virtues? If he speaks he utters honesty and if he quests he goes after righteousness and if he determines he intends to do good.

God, to whom be ascribed all perfection, recommended us with kindness and devoutness and He said “those who do good and are pious will be greatly rewarded, for there is nothing more delightful than the pleasure of giving and nothing more imploring for tranquility than piety and isn’t the reward  for kindness  benevolence. Furthermore, the head of kindness is the benevolence of God, to whom be ascribed all perfection, for he who created man in the best structure and employed for him all what existed because he is the aim, objective, purpose and the intended. The divine kindness has reached its limits when God gave man a mind to think, to meditate, to analyze, to compare and to deduce, a mind in which all obvious truths of life has been carved on the mirror of his essence, but man in his evil acts and wrong beliefs blotted out the features of this mirror, where all the truths were wiped out as if they do not exist. What man has to do now is to return back so that the truths and its essence will appear as the full moon appears in the bottom of a pool and recognizes the fresh cool water.

Kindness is also to be fair with yourself and fair with others, for oppression and tyranny and expropriating the minds of people and their freedom forbid them from developing themselves. This is considered one of the biggest sins. In our modern times, to provide to the people generous job opportunities and educational opportunities that will help them rise from the valley of ignorance, poverty, dependence and depression, is one kind of kindness.  Imam Ali (AS) said “Reprimand your brother by being kind to him and return his act of evil by being generous to him. The Holy Prophet (pbuh&hf) said, “there are seven things for a slave after his death: taught knowledge, flowed a river, dug  a well, built a mosque, bequeathed the Holy Koran, left behind a righteous child or left alms that would proceed for him, after his death.

A good doer believes in the purpose of existence not its fruitlessness, and that man is created for a purpose, and that is to know God and his love. This would be reflected on his love for his people and treating them kindly. The Holy Prophet (pbuh&hf) said, “Kindness is to worship God as if you can see him, if you couldn’t see him, he’ll see you.” Moreover, a human who is a believer and his inner self is pure, looks at God in a keen eye where he sees Him close to him closer than the aorta, and he feels Him sitting on the throne of his heart, if he looks, he looks with His eye and if he talks he talks with His tongue. For that, it is said’ “Fear God for the insight of the believer sees in God’s light.”

Al-Mutanabbi said: The best face is the kind face and the best hand is the hand of the generous.

And Abou Fateh Al-Basty said: If you aim to reach the honourable status, then you should be fair and kind.

The ability of man on moral kindness is always enduring despite the changes of time because its humbleness, modesty, forgiveness, love and satisfaction.

As for his ability on financial kindness, it’s changing with the changes of time. That’s why the wise men advice to be kind when he’s financially able since a time might come when a man won’t be able to do good even if he wants to: Be charitable if you’re able or when it’s possible for the ability to do good doesn’t last long.

God, to whom be ascribed all perfection and majesty, said: In God’s grace converse. Which means don’t hide the grace or conceal it from the needy. The grace can be mind and wisdom or money and wealth or help and chivalry. Those whom God granted them the mind should use their minds to serve the public good and those whom God granted them with money should put their money for the service of the public good, and those whom God granted them with bravery and chivalry  should use their bravery to protect people’s honor and dignity and not the opposite. And finally, we say “Kindness has its manners as everything else. The manner of kindness is not to mention to whom you were kind to and not to forget who was kind to you as well.

We assure again that those who aren’t kind to themselves can’t be kind to others.”To be kind to oneself is to respect the mind and natural laws and to connect with the truth, justice and to learn morals from the changes of time, taking into consideration God’s saying: ”Consider, oh guardians, reason.”

Contributed in producing the text Kamal Sari al Deen

Edited in 1432 H. 2011 A.D on 13/9/2011

 Twaheed guidance                   

Issued  from the Office of Druze Sheikhdom