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Sunday 25 February 2024 - 16 Shaban 1445

In the name of God, Most Exalted, Most Glorified

Mashyakhat Al Aql of the Mouwahidoune Druze Sect

The Sheikh Aql of the Mouwahidoune Druze Sect, Sheikh Naim HASSAN, sincerely greets the members of the gracious sect wheresoever asking God, the Great and Almighty, to guide us to his satisfaction, protect us from his prohibitions and treat us with forgiveness and remission for He is the Generous, the Benefactor and the Giver of all good.

In recognition of our incapability, it is a requirement and an obligation to address our sons with this page known as “Monotheistic Concepts” (Mafaheem Tawheediah), prepared by a number of educated people who humbly preferred not to mention their names; nevertheless, they are well known to us and their efforts are amply acquitted.

It is necessary to clarify and declare that although we are dependent on the Gracious God, we should keep in mind that He, to Whom be ascribed all perfection and majesty, created and made man the noblest of His creatures, to whom the intellect (Al-Aql) is attributed and all other creatures are made subservient.

Research into sciences that exceed the limits of intellect is sought in two ways: the first is through faith, and it is the easier; and the second is through delving thoroughly into real philosophic sciences. However, it is determined that philosophers have different points of view, therefore, achieving a unanimous outcome is difficult as long as their beliefs in deducing the divine issues remain contradicting as with scientists.

In its new course, illuminated and guided by the Intellect, Mashyakhat Al Aql wants to implement the Exalted saying, “For he commands with What is just and forbids them what is evil”, and consequently, look into the ethics of religion, distinguish between the bidden and forbidden and the path leading to Tawheed (monotheism: to believe in the oneness of God) – since man cannot transcend without following these rules –  abiding by the Holy Qur’an and the Sunna of God’s messenger and prophets and absolutely denying all the interpretations, explanations and compositions which contradict our monotheistic concepts; and success is granted by God.

Sheikh Al Aql of the Mouwahidoune Druze Sect,

Sheikh Naim HASSAN