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Sunday 25 February 2024 - 16 Shaban 1445

Man and the Wisdom of the Creator

In his Holy Qur’an, God said, “We have in need created man In the best of moulds.” (The Fig sura – verse 4) He also said, “He has created man: He has taught him speech (And Intelligence),” (The All Merciful sura – verses 3-4), and many other holy verses which indicate that God (Most Glorified, Most Exalted) had created man, the most honorable of creatures, and made all other beings at his servitude, so he could fulfill his worship to God.

God willed to create this rational live, talking, moving creature and distinguish him from other creatures by unique characteristics and traits. He made him rational with intellect, alive with soul, talking with his capacity to pronounce and speak and moving with  his capacity to have acted and act.

Man’s ability to understand and analyze information is because of the divine grace gifted to him by the Almighty. The Intellect “Al-Aql” stands for mercifulness since it is the border by which God’s servant understands what the Most Gracious, Most Merciful, wants him to perceive “verily In this are Signs For men who are wise.” (The Bees sura – verse 12)

The Soul “An-nafs” is another special trait that characterized this being as unique, it is similar to the image susceptible to goodness – represented by The Intellect “Al-Aql” – and the evil – represented by “ignorance” – simultaneously; he who knows himself, knows his God. Man’s ability to express himself is limited to The Word “al-kalimah” he utters, and his time is limited to The Former “as-sabek”  i.e the former of previous actions and The Latter “at-tali” i.e what follows of creating existence itself.

Consequently, it has been obvious that the borders of man are limited to The Intellect, The Soul, The Word, The Former and The Latter of actions.

Based on the Holy verse, “Then shall anyone who Has done an atom’s weight Of good, see it! And anyone who Has done an atom’s weight Of evil, shall see it.” (The Convulsion sura – verse 7), the Mouwahidoune Druze believe that man is responsible for his actions, where the Messenger (pbuh) said, “Everyone is a shepherd responsible for his cattle,” the less are his sins, the higher is his rank and vice versa.

God, we ask you that we are of those whom you meant with in your saying, “The balance that day Will be true (to a nicety): Those whose scale (of good) Will be heavy, will prosper.” (The Heights sura – verse 8), and not of those whom you meant with in your saying, “Those whose scale will be light, Will find their souls In perdition, for that they Wrongfully treated Our Signs.” (The Heights sura – verse 9) and the last of our invocation that praise to God, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds. 

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