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Sunday 25 February 2024 - 16 Shaban 1445

Honor and Pride

The best opening to the title is to remember that the reincarnated soul is a simple, spiritual, immortal essence, a beam from God’s radial light. It’s not only the essence of humanity in a human, but also a divine seed in the land of human existence.

It’s the one that God favored the human excluding all other living species to make from him a master of the existence and the intended aim. God has favored man with the mind to bring himself to reason and to bring the rest of existence to reason, and to reason his knowledge about the righteous way. He returned and favored him with freedom and made him the only creature that made his movement free to choose his actions in his own will without compulsion or constrain. And thirdly he favored him with responsibility for he’s the only being who is responsible for his behaviors for it’s originated from a free will that executes the instructions of a free mind which can distinguish between self-esteem and shame, between loftiness and lowness, between attraction to justice, chivalry, courage, nobility and generosity or attraction to desires in all its kinds, and to greed and avarice and stinginess that make him lose the truth of existence, being innately a social being. Furthermore, God has an aim for man’s existence, if he wants to achieve his humanity, he has to pursue in all his moral and physical strength that is granted to him and that is the knowledge of God, to whom he ascribes all perfection and majesty, through knowing himself that it’s obtained from God’s divine, simple, natural, immortal light. Moreover; what is the body but a machine used to acquire its knowledge and action through its organs, However; lots of people were attracted to comfort and pornography and chose the road to lowness till they became contemptible to the essence of their soul, and sold their minds and has abandoned their obligations and responsibilities and are left like cattle and even lost their way.

Al-Mutanabbi said: Live noble or die generous between the piercing spear and flapping flags. For the proud spirit doesn’t submit to tyranny and oppression.

Antar said: Don’t quench me from the water of life with disgrace, rather quench me honorably from the colocynthian cup.

Al Akhtal Al Saghir said: The soul of the generous with destitution and harm is in space oaring with the eagles.

The soul has a delicate essence, and it elevates and becomes attracted to a similar delicate one that endows it with life. But who degrades his soul has become a heavy essence and a heavy one falls down and expiries.

Al-Mutanabbi also said: It’s easy for us to accept the physical injury but keep our horror and minds safe.

If the human loses his mind he loses his identity, as a human being, and becomes a name for a nameless one. However; if he loses an organ form the organs of his body, he  stays an equal human being who thinks and expresses. It’s obvious and by virtue and by the essence of the human being’s mind which he earned from logic and live experience, knows that justice is a virtue and tyranny is a vice and chivalry is a virtue and betrayal a vice. The how can a human being change all this from what makes his soul blissful with pleasure that he thinks makes his body happy, but then it reverts and overturns on him on the basis that for every action there is an equal opposite reaction. The thorns of tyranny don’t sprout roses, and lying doesn’t yield grapes and figs; however, man oppresses himself before he oppresses others and he’ll be judged on what his hands has produced. As time passes on habits, they become natural. Who gets used to shame, his nature would take the form of disappointments and fruitlessness.

Al-Mutanabbi said: who despises others becomes easy for him to become low, for a dead man won’t feel the pain of a wound.

Pride has the ability to differentiate; it can’t be something in between.

The port Dantee said if he was given the choice between a person who is arrogant because of his money and the proud despite his poverty. I’ll take the latter. If a person doesn’t stain from rebuke his honor, every dress he puts on is beautiful and if he doesn’t bear the grievance held upon him, there won’t be away for a good praise and standing.

Can we raise our head and it is form the fruit of honor and pride in a time where the extravagant spending prevails and the need for money has become everlasting, for the human is never satisfied from it no matter how much you give him.

If I only knew how much meaning would this speech have while the children of this miserable nation, are drinking in excess from the cup of quarrel and violation. They appear to be in group while they’re protesting deep inside as if they haven’t read that the hand of God is above the hand of a group or haven’t heard that there is far light for the sons of reason can walk with,among people. It’s the light of harmony and unity love and support. It’s the light of the strong bond and trust then He ordered us to hold tight to, to have a place , in the afterlife, where there is the utmost happiness and discipline and constancy, balance and harmony, intimacy, yearning and being fascinated by the ideal. 

Contributed in producing the text Kamal Sari al Deen

Edited  in 1432 H. 2011 A.D  on 19/4/2011

 Twaheed guidance                   

Issued  from the Office of Druze Sheikhdom