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Sunday 25 February 2024 - 16 Shaban 1445

Intention and eagerness

Why it has become ambiguous for the contemporary man to acknowledge himself? And how can he get out of his negligent tunnel if he doesn’t elevate himself from his filthy materialistic lust to be enlightened by what makes him associate with his God and his true belief after he was  lost, for long, behind his earthly whims. He becomes lost between the dirt clay and the water of negligence and selfishness, so he loses his self esteem and sense of belonging to his society and applying it to his humane and  eagerness to his creator.

Did man lose his eagerness that makes him an arrow from fire and light heading always to the highest heights, or he is pleased by comfort and revelation, so he got relapsed and drowned in the sand of his incompetence and lost in a mirage of illusions?

Lukman the wise said: Eagerness pollinates luck and thus twins are delivered richness and glory.

Arabi said: Intention is the wing of luck that limps with it from one rank to another.

Omro Ibin Alaas said: You have to stand out in the issue that every human has its status , some are like worms for their place is in the soil, others are like hawks whose desire is the wild atmosphere. We can say that people are of two kinds, those who possess the morals of the free and those who possess the moral of slaves.

However, those who are free are a nation who  Al-Mutanabbi  said about them :I’m from a nation whose soul reject haughtily the flesh and bones  it lives in. They are always in a race with generosity nobility and situations of honor and pride. They dedicated themselves for the honest virtues and substantialized the light of the mind and the eagerness of the soul after they withdrew from what lures them to their clay hill which is women and money. As for slaves, they are people whose end, in their opinion, justifies their means. Their aim is comfort, pornography and getting their courage from money and power.

Omar bin Khattab said: never lessen your eagerness for I haven’t seen a man more crippled Moawia Bin Abi Sufian said: There are three things that a person doesn’t realize but by raising his eagerness which are the politics of a nation, sea trade and fighting the enemy. However, the biggest enemy is the soul that is lustful, greedy and avid.

Al-Tanukhi prince said that the individual status is where he puts his soul. If he elevates it , it becomes lofty and if neglects  it lowers itself:  An individual is what he makes of himself ; impel yourself to do something virtuous and ethical.

Lekman was asked who the most miserable person is.  He said, a man whose knowledge has become widened, his eagerness has been withdrawn and his hand confined.

The Al-Asmai asked an Arabian from Tayi about the characteristics of Hatim and said. He was casting his eagerness where generosity is alluded to him. He sympathizes with the bitterness of his brothers and quenches his pleasantness, his eagerness rises high to the stars and his generosity towering reaching the clouds.

Weather we notice that Al-Mutanabbi in this poem, was praising one of the Al-Tanukhi princes, and whether we notice that the monotheistic Druze in Mount Lebanon and Taym valley mostly are descendants from Tanoukhien tribes, we realize that the roots are pure and blessed with courage and eagerness, virtuousness and glory. We have to say with our tongue and heart all of our confidence that “the pure roots sprout trees.”

That’s how the plea of all the eminent ranks asking for knowledge and actions  and the will that isn’t familiar with weariness and boredom  , neither accepts retrogression nor deterioration.

In this notion, we can’t but take evidence from the bee’s sting for an honest man doesn’t take from the real world but as much as he gives it or he will be considered a parasite.

As for Abou Firas he said in the same context that the noble standing costs by bearing what’s horrific and standing above the peak of danger: It ‘s not difficult for our souls to reach loftiness ; And when you want to get engaged to a dame, the dowry shouldn’t matter

Al-Farazdaq said when he satirized the Juriyr tribe : I’ve reckoned that generosity  to you is to put on piercing clothes and satisfying yourself. So if once they mention generosity in a group you are in, you’ll be satisfied.

During the Al-Amawi era, the Arabs considered being well dressed up is an attribute of slaves and incontinent men which was scorned by those who are enthusiastic and eager.

If a young man’s concern is only clothes and food , then there is no good in him. The loftiness of eagerness and generosity is related with the well being of principles and social philosophy.

The society’s individuals that consider happiness in gathering fortunes, saving funds and drinking from the sea of lust and desires, is a wasteful society, thus life is not for its members an honest stand with himself and others.

As for the society of truth goodness, justice and communicating with God is the society that understands that happiness is coping and being in harmony with the mind’s logic and the laws of nature.  Abo Delphi Alojli said :Eagerness is not to be well off at home, withdrawn from libel . Men weren’t born to live in luxury and comfort, but born for misfortune and striving.

Al-Ahnaf said:  Beware of laziness and boredom for if you get lazy then your laziness won’t give you your right and if you get bored you won’t know the truth. People according to the essence of their souls , the owners of the fiery souls naturally are attracted championships , noble deeds and ranks of honors. While the owners of the enlightened souls naturally are attracted to knowledge , the abstract whole and meditating in what’s around him, to learn in order to  lead him to the Creator ,God of the world.

Contributed in producing the text Kamal Sari al Deen

Edited  in 1432 H. 2011 A.D  on 20/5/2011

 Twaheed guidance                   

Issued  from the Office of Druze Sheikhdom