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Thursday 20 June 2024 - 14 Dhul Hijjah 1445

In Regard of Dialogue Among Religions

In the World Conference for Dialogue in Madrid on July 16, 2008, His Majesty, King Abdullah Bin Abdelaziz delivered a message he held from scholars and thinkers, who met in the public square of Qa’aba, a message that calls for the constructive dialogue among the followers of religions, a letter which brings goodness to humanity by turning a new page where agreement replaces conflict, if God wills.

He added, “We all believe in the one God, Who sent messengers for people’s sake in this world and the hereafter world and Whose wisdom called for the different religions of people, though if he had wanted, he would have gathered them on one religion. Today we meet to assure that the religions God wanted for the happiness of people should be means for their happiness.”         

          Therefore, we announce to the world that this difference should not lead to dissension and conflict, and we say that the miseries suffered by humanity throughout history was not because of religions, but because of extremism that characterized some of the followers of every heavenly religion and every political doctrine.

          In the past, many dialogues failed because they turned to be hurls at one another, focusing and magnifying each other differences – a useless effort which increases rather than decreases tensions.  Perhaps those dialogues failed because they tried to melt religions and sects in the name of shortening distances among them – another useless effort. Followers of every religion believe in their doctrine and do not accept an alternative; nevertheless, if we want this historical meeting to achieve success, we must look into the common factors among us revealed through our deep faith in God, the noble principles, and the high morals which represent the core of religions.

          Nowadays, humanity is suffering from the loss of values and dubiosity of concepts; it is passing through a critical period (despite all the scientific progress) because of the spread of crimes, the increase of terrorism, the disintegration of family, the profanation of drugs to the minds of youth, the exploitation of the strong to the poor and the abominable racial disputes, where all are the result of the spiritual gap suffered by people after forgetting God, who, thus, made them forget themselves. Our sole exit is through the unification of word and the dialogue among religions and civilizations.

          Man could be the cause of either destroying all this planet, or changing it to an oasis of peace and harmony where he could coexist with the followers of other religions, confessions and philosophies; cooperate with them respectfully and face difficulties together with dialogue rather than violence.

          With God’s help, this man could defeat antagonism with love, fanaticism with forgiveness, and make all people enjoy dignity - the honor considered to be bestowed by God (Most Exalted, Most Glorified) on Adam’s fellowmen.

          Undoubtly, a profound wisdom hides behind the diversity of messengers, so the justice of the Almighty is proved to be true since He made worships of one’s own volition, otherwise, if made with impulsion, reward and penalty would be invalid.

The holders of every mission adopted a different methodology regarding the performance of rites, fasting and worships. The religions all emphasized the unity of faith in marriage to preserve the members of its mission; however, the kings, emirs and great leaders deviated from this latter principle throughout history for personal and political reasons.

The overseers of each heavenly religion or confession are assigned in charge of its existence, prosperity and continuity. Consequently, every individual born under the auspices of a family of any religion or confession is to abide by its principles, values, customs and traditions.

In this course, we mention what God’s messenger (pbuh) stated, Moses people will divide into 72 groups, All will be in Hell, except one. Isa’s people will divide into 73 groups. All will be in Hell, except one." Al Bihar 28/5

However, the question set forth: who determines the saved group?! Is not it God, Most Exalted, Most Glorified, the All-Wise!

The Mashyakhat Aql of the Mouwahidoune Druze asks its fellows of monotheistic doctrine to hold the honorable monotheistic values and customs firmly, abide by them, respect their privacy and not violate their essential rules. It finds in the speech of His Majesty, King Abdullah Bin Abdelaziz, an expression of reality sought by the honest.

Peace be upon the followers of righteousness.

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In Regard of Dialogue Among Religions    

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