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Thursday 25 April 2024 - 16 Shawal 1445

Teaching and Learning

The wise Plato said that the soul is an immortal spiritual essence. It accepts knowledge as it accepts ignorance. It obtains knowledge through the acquired mind. This conscious energy that is constantly mobile around its core, the innate mind, which has carved on a mirror the essence of all obvious truths which by it, we can clarify things that cannot be clarified. 

The wise Aristotle said: “Who doesn’t bear patiently on learning knowledge and its toil, he is tolerant on the misery of ignorance and its stagnation.” His justification is that to acquire knowledge is loftiness and highness and meandering from a humane level to a higher level, and that needs a conscious, patient effort, a careful knowledge of the target and to pursuit after it through his path not through another. On the other hand, ignorance is deterioration and regression, it’s to decline and to dissolute , its relaxation and revelation and that’s why most people escape from seeking after education are those who endlessly and permanently acknowledge equality , justice and chastity and be above lust that emerges  and the lust is still hidden. Here, we have to distinguish between education that is in reality, the knowledge of the laws of nature and the reason of the mind and the evidential virtues and the absolute, abstract truth and the knowledge of the induction and deduction process , and the education in the sense of storing partial knowledge to achieve a university degree which will entitle its holder to get a job that he can only live by, not more not less.

Aristotle said: Every desire which has been exaggerated in satisfying has recoiled on its counterpart and evil emerges from its good, only the desire of knowledge as its owner increases from it, it increases his longing and eagerness for it, and achieves his happiness by it.

Al Aasamy said: Learn literature, and if you aren’t lucky in this world, it is because it’s better for time to dispraise in you than to dispraise you.

Contributed in producing the text Kamal Sari al Deen

Edited  in 1432 H. 2011 A.D  on 24/9/2011

 Twaheed guidance                   

Issued  from the Office of Druze Sheikhdom