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Thursday 25 April 2024 - 16 Shawal 1445

For a better life  

            God created human being in the best form, health and power assessment, and He granted him as his other creatures everything he needs as natural food so he will preserve his health through it, and to live his whole life as it is worthy to his value being the noblest creature and the Almighty said: “Eat of the delights that We have provided”.  

The Almighty God to Whom be ascribed all perfection and majesty gave men trees and herbs to eat their good fruits without aggressing another creature, kill it and eat its body. The proof is that the cranium of the Stone Age shows strong bones and that the jaws kept all the teeth and molars clean and strong, while we see later that the cranium bears a weakness in the strength of its bones and is devoid of teeth and molars as a result of eating animals bodies with which man was fighting and killing or was killed by them because he was not able yet to acquire arms. Thus, man started to lose his superpower and life longevity which were among fundamentals in the first ages and of which remains nothing in our time because man does not differentiate between good and evil, which made him in constant struggle for survival with himself to preserve his health, as well as with his brother in the so- called “life is for the strongest, or survival is for the strongest”.

            God gave us the fruits of the earth and forbade us just one, so we disobeyed Him and we refused the commandment, He gave us the tress and herbs that do not require effort to be taken, but we disobeyed Him, and we refused the commandment, so we turned towards killing other creatures, to lose what He had given us as if it was a mistake (God forbids) and as if He did not finish making the delights He gave us.

            The result was tiredness, sickness and continuous wars. If we were not created in the best form, if our bodies were not strong and able to heal themselves because of what we are doing to ourselves, humanity would be extinct since far centuries, and land would have returned to animals and plants which are distinguished from humans by instinctive understanding of universe and nature and by adaptation to their laws unlike humanity who pretends that it is the master of the creatures and who destroyed everything natural with what she calls development, science, culture and distinction from other creatures.

            Eating dead bodies makes us timed bombs; we don’t know when they would explode as cancer, heart disease, or brain explosion as well as other psychological and nervous diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and other. We ask here what is the natural food of humans and what the best way to take it is, and if eating alone makes health, wellness and energy or is there other helping and necessary factors.  

Natural food for Humans: God created humans, plants and animals, and all of them are created, develop, live and die. It is known that the best creature is the human, is it possible that the Creator provided to plants all the food they need, and provided to the animal all the food it needs, and stopped at His best creatures, and asked them to bring their own food by themselves by deploying efforts, by fatigue and waste of time? Isn’t it logic to say that the Almighty God has provided to humans too, as animals and plants, the full, ready and useful food to stay in best form? Yes Almighty God to whom be ascribed all perfection and majesty granted humans the most delicious and the best food, and ordered him “Eat of the delights that We have provided” i.e. food of delicious taste granted to him which makes him grow, feed him and extends his life without suffering from any disease except old age and inability to continue to survive given that it is no longer worthy to him because of his inability to practice it.

What are these good things that do not need effort, conflict, arm, fire or manufacturing to use them? Aren’t they fruits, plants, delicious fruits, fresh cereals that do not need any manufacture or intervention except cleaning them from dirt or dust?

These elements provide to humans all the food they need to renew their cells that die every minute and the most important that it does not introduce to his body any toxins or accumulations that weigh on his organs and increase fat composition that leads to fatten him without any benefit except overweight which harms the bones composition as well as the spine and the body support points as thighs, knees and ankles.

Some would say that many eats meat and cook the fruits the nature provided us and are still alive.

This is true but if we follow the progress of those timed bombs we see that they always need a doctor, treatment or surgery or they end inevitably in physical clinics and some in mental clinics due to the accumulations of external and internal toxins. Whoever wants to live his whole life in a world that does not know disease medical treatment, does not need to follow their steps believing that he may contradict the nature laws and avoid its sanction.

While the addict and who is convinced that meat is necessary to the body, and does not suffer from uric acid yet, and from worms that destroy the digestive system and who never heard the words of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) “Do not make your stomach animals graveyard”, we regret to say that eating animals product will inevitably harm him. However, there are conditions and limits, if he follows them he will reduce the disease and pain possibilities, and we will talk about them later.

 Man must know that everything put on fire will lose its essential food elements and mineral salts until sometimes nothing will remain except the manufactured food taste without any utility. More than that, we will suffer from man damages resulting from burning, boiling, frying and manufacturing what God created ready to be eaten, since that this manufacture changes the overall structure and kills food products elements, exhausts the body, takes from it instead of giving it, i.e. it harms it rather than nourish it. Manufacturing food makes it lose the digestion enzymes which forces the body to give its internal enzymes instead of those burned, boiled and fried which are oxidized because of cutting, exposure to air and sun, which means it takes from us instead of giving us.  

We get to the harmful eating and nutritious eating statement: the nutritious is the one that kept all his nutritious elements that the nature put in it before we kill it after playing with it by cooking, manufacturing, burning, frying, boiling, cutting, chopping and squeezing.

It is the food created by God, good tasting, that the eye adores and all of the senses accept, and which is sufficient alone in case there isn’t anything else.

We mention as an example if we can’t find anything except tomato, cucumber, watermelon or lettuce to eat, we can eat them alone and get satiated, and on the other hand if we have nothing other than onions, garlic or hot pepper can we eat them and get satiated? We leave the answer to your mind and this distinguishes what is yours as food and isn’t.

There is a proverb saying: if we gave a child an apple and a rabbit, would he eat the rabbit and play with the apple, or would he do the contrary? This is how man behaves instinctively before his mother and grandmother teach him how to eat everything that harms him and causes him diseases.  

            The natural food of man is all the delights that God created without, we, ignorant intervene in manufacturing them to make them as they pretend acceptable to be eaten without knowing extent of harm and the indigestion after fire turned transformed them chemically from natural food to other products harmful to the body.  

-         We move to talk about nutrition programs that provide a life which keeps you from diseases, and which the body accepts without being reached by diseases either immediately or waiting their accumulation for a long or short period according to the overall physical structure.

Whoever would like to continue eating animals and their by-products must know that all animal products are animal protein including uric acid that eats the bones and results in kidney diseases, gout, bones erosion, articulations pain and arthritis, headaches, hypercholesterolemia and hypertension no matter how careful he was in eating them and in seeking to eat them in healthy ways less harmful than it was previously, without mentioning the worms that are not caused except by eating all what is related to animals.  

-         How to eat animal products with minimal damage possible: We mean all what is animal or deriving from it as eggs, milk, cheese, birds, fish and others.

Whereas this food is essentially made of protein products it needs an additional acid in the stomach to help digest it, therefore it can’t be mixed with any food that this acid does not comply with its digestion such as carbohydrates and sugar. It is not possible to take any animal product with flour, and other starches. This is what everybody is used to such as eating meat with potato, rice or bread. The only thing that allows digesting animal product if it is mixed with it, is raw vegetables as cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, tomato and others. The body as well cannot digest two different kinds of animal protein. We have to wait seven hours after this meal to take any other food especially sweet and others.  

The best way to eat food is:

To divide the day into three phases:

First Phase: from four o’clock in the morning until twelve o’clock at noon.

It is the phase of getting rid of toxins, during which it is preferred not to eat or drink anything except distillated water, and in case it is impossible, you may take some fruits of one type or more as it is shown below.  

Second Phase: from twelve o’clock at noon until eight o’clock in the evening.

It is the phase of eating and digesting, for this reason it was called lunch, the way of eating is subject to the following rules which in case of not being respected will lead to indigestion or poisoning of the digestive system.

  1. It is allowed to combine vegetables and starches, vegetables and proteins.
  2. It is never possible to combine carbohydrates and proteins.
  3. It is never possible to combine fruits with any other food, and the time of eating fruits is subject to the rules mentioned below.
  4. It is not possible to take any drink or fruit with the food; it is possible to drink distillated water half an hour before eating or four hours after.

Third Phase: from eight o’clock in the evening until four o’clock in the morning.

It is the period of completing the digestion and absorbing the food in case of respecting the natural rules and it may turn to a phase of absorbing toxins in case of not respecting the rules.  

  1. It is preferable not to eat anything during it and in case it is impossible you may eat one kind of ripe fruits, at least two hours before sleeping.
  2. You must sleep early and in case it is impossible you should sleep before midnight.


Proteins are made from all eat, and animal products including eggs, milk and all its by-products, nuts as pistachio, pines, walnut, almond, sesame, dry seeds as lentils, chickpeas, fava and bean. 


They include rice, potato, flour, pastries, chestnut, beetroot, corn, artichoke, squash and carrots.  

Dry seeds:

They are a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins and for this reason they cause flatulence i.e. fermentation and indigestion to whoever takes them. As much as they are useful when they are green, fresh, and ripe they are harmful when they are dry and you must not eat them before they germinate.  

Times of eating fruits and method of mixing them

It is possible to eat fruits seven hours after the protein meal, protein mixed with vegetables, or four hours after carbohydrates or carbohydrates mixed with vegetables meal.  

Fruits classification:

  1. watermelon, melon and their family
  2. Sweet fruits: dates, banana, Japanese quince, sweet raisin, fruits dried in the sun.
  3. Citrus fruits: all kinds of orange, pineapple, strawberry, cherry, pomegranate, loquat and kiwi. They can’t be eaten with sweet fruits.
  4. Semi citrus fruits: they are all the remaining fruits and they can be eaten with sweet or citrus fruits.

Salad: preparation and way of mixing

The salad is essentially a group of homogeneous vegetables. The salad with lemon, salt and tomato is eaten alone, with steamed vegetables or proteins. The salad without lemon and tomato may be eaten with carbohydrates. It is not possible to use garlic, onion, vinegar, spices or hot pepper in the salad or others. Vegetables can’t neither be shredded into small pieces, nor cut before sitting at the table.   

General Essential Principles:  

·        You may not eat food in case of physical or psychological fatigue.

·        You may not eat food except when you sit at the table in an atmosphere far from work and job in company of friends and beloved in a joyful environment.

·        Sugar and salt are white poisons. Coffee, cigarettes, alcoholic and soft drinks are all toxins.

·        Vinegar is very harmful in all its kinds as well as canned and manufactured food because of the chemical products it contains, for conservation, coloring or taste.

·        Olive oil is the best and not the manufactured and imported oil.

·        Lemon and tomato are citrus fruits and may not be eaten with carbohydrates.

·        Carbohydrates may not be given to children under two years old before the completion of teeth and molars.

·        Meats, animal products, milk and by-products all are harmful, and in the past it was said: “Don’t make your stomachs animals’ graveyard”.

·        Garlic, onion, hot pepper and spices are very harmful and are not food so they can’t be taken as foods.

·        Cooking, frying or boiling the food kills the enzymes and vitamins. The form and the constitution of what is given by nature which of course knows more than humans what is good and how it may be eaten, may not be changed.

·        Don’t eat before the stomach is completely empty from food, and in the past it was said “Don’t make your stomachs animals’ graveyard”.

After we knew about human’s natural food and the correct way of eating it which makes us digest it completely and get nourished by it, we ask is the food alone the complete sufficient factor to give health and energy, or are there other necessary elements for that?

   There is no doubt that what enters the body is the most important but there are other physical needs that man must fulfills to help him to digest his food well and use what he had eaten. Then, there are other elements necessary for humans which we will detail with their advantages.

   Among the body necessary priorities there are rest and sleep. Sleeping is a necessary body need to renew the cells that die every day and to provide the cells the energy which has been used during the day. This sleeping which renews the energy is between nine o’clock in the evening and two o’clock in the morning. While sleeping during other hours will be a rest for the body and not healthy sleeping. It was said in the past “sleep early, get up early and you will see how the health will be.” Sleeping late and every time the sleeping hour is close to midnight, the sleeping won’t be healthy, it may not help the body to recuperate the energy, and won’t help in renewing the cells and providing energy. However, the rest is very necessary especially to those who take lunch in the middle of the day because this meal is usually heavy for the digestive system which will need all the energy of the body to digest it. For this reason the rest called “snap” helps to limit the energy in this system.

People usually eat three meals:

1.      Breakfast: since sleeping gives back energy to the body it is logic that human get up with full energy to a new day. Here we ask why human must eat when he is in his full energy, knowing that eating obliges the body to limit its activity in the digestive system instead of directing it to muscles and brain. It was named breakfast because taking it decreases the energy and makes energetic person calm down.

Whereas the true nomination is in English and French Breakfast, Déjeuner which means break the fast. So why do we break the fast when we don’t need it, knowing that fasting cleans the body and grants rest to the digestive system, it was said “Fast and you’ll be healthy.” For this reason we say that not eating breakfast maintains the morning energy and gives rest to the digestive system. While who is used to eat breakfast he has to only eat fruits because they are digested quickly, do not weaken the body and its ability to do its functions and they provide the necessary sugar for the brain and the body.  

2.      Lunch: It is the name of the meal that some eat in the middle of the day and it is an expressive name lunch, it is the meal that we eat when the body is ready to take and digest food. For this reason it must make the essential meal at the condition to take a rest for a short time after it, first because it takes a big part of the energy, second because the rest or snap limits the blood in the digestive system where it should be after this big meal.

That’s why they say: “lunch is for you and for your friend.” We mention here that the healthy way to eat lunch is:

a)      To take it without satiety with mixing the forms a healthy mixture.

b)      You must abstain from drinking while eating or after it until four hours.

c)      Not to take while eating or after it any fruit or sugar substances called dessert that should not be taken except after four or seven hours.

This dessert and wrong mixture of food, in addition to wrong timing are the reasons of heartburn, belching, flatulence, constipation and all other digestive system diseases.  

3.      Dinner: We have to remember that it is the meal before sleeping, and in order that the sleep will be comfortable and healthy we must take it three hours before going to bed. It is better to be made of light food such as salad or fruits. Beneficiating from sleeping depends from the kind of food that we eat before sleep, if it is heavy and cooked food, the brain will be awake all night and this will result in anxiety and indigestion without providing the body with energy, which will lead to body weakness and will decrease the energy that we have to feel in the morning, for this reason it was said: “Dinner is for you and for your enemy.”

We finish eating subject by saying: “Do not eat except when you feel hungry (hunger is not the stomach gas sound), if you eat do not satiate but leave a place in your stomach for the enzymes that the stomach secrete to digest the food.

“Do not eat before you empty your stomach from food “do not enter food over food”; this also means not to take different kinds of food in the same meal even if they are chemically homogenous. We mention that the belly is a case of man if he reduces stuffing it, his burden will be decreased, the Almighty says: “Eat but do not exaggerate”, avoid satiety.

         The most important thing to which we have to pay attention is food mixture and timing, as it was already explained. We must not forget that human lives on a blood river which circulates in all the body canals to nourish all of the cells and the organs starting from nails, to the most delicate brain cells. Whereas this blood is made from the food we eat, we understand why we have to pay attention to what enters our inside. Food is the secret of intellectual and physical renewal, and it is the secret of the continuous health and life longevity.

         Remains to mention the other necessary and helping factors to prevent disease and to live in a world of a higher level of health and energy which are:  

Keeping the highest level of health:

·              Practice sport daily at least one hour.

·              Expose the body (hands, feet until the knees with the protection of the head are sufficient) to sunlight for fifteen minutes at least.

·              Take a daily shower with cleaning the skin by scrubbing it with a sponge and local soap.

·              Aerate the houses and bedrooms so pure air and oxygen will enter continuously.

·              Do not drink any liquids except distillated water and only when feeling thirsty.

·              Do not eat any food except when feeling really hungry and not for favor or at determined times. We repeat that hunger is not the sounds of the stomach because of gases.

·              When feeling any health disturbance check that defecation is normal, (constipation is the cause of all disorders), stop eating, drink distillated water only when thirsty and go to bed early especially when having hyperthermia.

·              Sleep calmly and early and before midnight at least in a room to which external air enters, knowing that energy recuperation cycle starts at nine o’clock in the evening until two o’clock in the morning.

·              Take periodical vacations from routine either at home or at work.

·              Do not take any medicine for any reason because it is a poison that stops the disease and do not heal. Therefore it adds poisons to the sick body because of artificial food and metabolism toxins.

·              Do not take any food or drink that is not natural which means supposed canned food especially the food stored in plastic or aluminum materials.

·              Do not take any animal product more than twice a week.

·              Take care of human health and mouth hygiene because the gum and teeth sickness causes diseases and pains in the other body organs and it was said: “the tooth is the gravedigger.”

·              Follow the aforementioned rules concerning eating and drinking, i.e. food mixture and times of taking it.

·              Find friendship relations and cooperate with everybody especially with those who are in a continuous contact with us.

·              Take care of sexual life and practice it decently and conveniently.

·              Social and financial sufficiency.

·              Be your own doctor.