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Sunday 14 July 2024 - 8 Muharram 1446


As the swallow adores spring and vows himself as its forerunner. As the nightingale adores the rose, he sings melodies from its fragrant, and as earth adores rain, it weaves meadows from its sprinkles .Also man adores the principles that attracts him to his heavenly origin to deserve the title the nobler creature and what distinguishes him from the blessing of the mind. A human believer who communicated in his mind with the laws of nature and the wisdom of existence. He knew that God entrusted his secret to all his creation and he made cause for everything. Man who knew that he is the only creature who choose his activity by his own free will and take the responsibility for this choice. Everything else is conducted innately by the compulsory laws of nature.

This is the man who knew that he is the only ethical creature in our existence. He is able to choose knowledge or ignorance, loftiness or villainy.

Al Akhnaf was asked who was the most generous of all people , he said who bestows lavishly with what he owns upon the needy. If he owns many, he bestows it on the poor and if he owns knowledge he bestows it on the ignorance and if he owns power he bestows justice on everyone. It was said to Hatim : What is generosity? He answered: It is to search for the one who is hungry and feed him, the one who is afraid to encourage him, the one who is homeless to give him shelter and let him join your type.

God said in his holy book: God Knows the good you do. God’s knowledge of the good repays the doer in this world and in the afterlife a hundredfold. God compared this with the grain of wheat the sprouts seven spikes and in every spike a hundred grain. That’s why it was said that it resembles the impact if worshipping. The influence of God is generosity and charity because God is the Benevolent, the Generous and the Merciful.

The prophet “God’s blessing and peace be upon him” said that the generous is close to God and close to people, and the stingy is far from God and far from people and he also said that the eminent people are those who are generous in this world, are in the afterlife pious.

As for the real generosity it is the one that grows by days, it grows until it enriches the needy and makes him satisfied as if you give the poor a chance to learn a career to live from it by his own work, or you give the one who’s able to work and he’s not working for one reason or another, an honorable chance to work.

However, to allay someone’s hunger for one hour or a day and then he becomes the second day hungry again for a loaf and self dignity together. This, by my life, is the generosity of the tyrant and the unjust who thinks that he can’t be strong unless others are weak, and his work won’t be prosperous unless others are unemployed. It is the ignorance that prevails our country and the stupidity that we rotten ourselves by it.

Ibn Abbass said : people are of four kinds  the generous who gives his money to the poor and his courage to the weak, his humility gratuitously. The squanderer, he who gives his money for the pleasure of his world and his arrogance that surpasses his end. The moderate who gives everyone entitled for his rights, his rights. The stingy is the one who holds his hand and his mind from himself, from God and from the people.

Aisha said: the hearts are brought on love to those who treat it well and hate who treat it badly. The she added who gives his money openhandedly, people would love him, whether he likes it or not.

Rasmaty was asked, which verse best praised by the Arabs about generosity? He said: They never close their door without a guest in and they never curse their servants while eating.

While Abo Firas the king of sword and pen said:  We have a house that has a lustrous neck from above; its iris of religion is elaborated eminently. The horsemen lose it during its support and sons serve the food.

The best said by Arabs on generosity and told by Dooble Al Guzaai. God knows that nothing pleases me more than a guest knocking at my door. I’ll welcome him till you think that I’m the guest and he’s the host. On the other hand, it can be said that the true generosity is that which is kept under the laws of the mind and committed to the laws of reason or else its converse will be born out of its subordination and it will capsize on himself and its proprietor. The real generosity is in dealing with people justly and righteously and contributes in the growth of their creative, productive and moral capabilities and make of them people who respect the person of their like and the likes of others and respect the law of the mind as well , in which the law of development and progress is the most significant and the law of the responsible freedom and the law that man is a social being innately in which he develops as the group develops but never develops on the expense of the group. 

Contributed in producing the text Kamal Sari al Deen

Edited  in 1432 H. 2011 A.D  on 20/5/2011

 Twaheed guidance                   

Issued  from the Office of Druze Sheikhdom