Druze council | Doha Magazine
Thursday 25 April 2024 - 16 Shawal 1445
The directorate implements the instructions of His Eminence Sheikh Akl, his guidance and the general policy that he pursues and that are directly related to him. It is also entrusted with coordination between Akl Sheikhdom and the various administrative units of the Community Council, including the Directorate of Awkaf and the Joint Administrative Directorate. It also organizes the general tasks of Sheikh Akl, the dates of his visits, receptions and contacts as well as the management of his office and his representation when he decides so.
The Director shall exercise all the functions and powers vested in the Director or the Head of the Department in the public administrations. He shall supervise the work of all the units of his directorate, coordinate among them, oversee the implementation of the decisions of the Sheikh Akl, sign the procedures required by the work process. He also presents suggestions, studies and reports for this process. He exercises all powers granted to him by the applicable laws and regulations of Akl Sheikhdom, including monitoring and inspection. In addition, he asks about the proper application of laws and regulations within the limits of the powers granted to him.