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Sunday 25 February 2024 - 16 Shaban 1445
Section One
Chapter One
The Independence of the Druze Unitarian Community and Managing their Own Affairs
Law on the Organization of the Druze Unitarian Community (Law dated 9/6/2006)
Reference: Official Gazette No. 30 dated 12/06/2006 page 3515
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Chapter Two: Role of the Sheikh Akel and his Powers
Article Four:
His Eminence Sheikh Akel represents the Druze Unitarian Community in its religious affairs before the public authorities and other sects. He takes care of its spiritual affairs as well as its religious and social interests in the various Lebanese territories and regions and employs a consultative religious body composed of six religious sheikhs known for their religious knowledge, noting that one Sheikh is from Khalwat Al Bayadah where Sheikh Akel appoints them within one month from the date of starting his duties.
In the selection of the members of the Commission, there shall be no relationship or kinship with the Sheikh Akel up to the fourth degree, as the members shall not be younger than thirty-five years old. The member is assigned for a period of three years renewable. The Commission meets at least once a month under the chairmanship of Sheikh Akel, and he can invite the commission when necessary to discuss various spiritual matters and ways of solving them.
Sheikh Akel exercises all the powers prescribed for him in the Shari'a laws and regulations, including:
- Presiding the meetings of the sectarian council of the Druze Unitarian Community in accordance with the laws and regulations of this council.
- Supervising the administration of the religious monuments, shrines, councils, and recesses known for their general religious nature.
- Granting prior approval in coordination with the religious committee of the Council on the religious educational programs of the Druze Unitarian Community and supervising these programs.
- Making decisions regarding the re-registration of members of the Druze Unitarian community in accordance with the laws in force.
- Authorizing accredited members of the Lebanese Druze Unitarian Community to carry out some work related to the practice of Unitarian rituals, where the place, purpose and duration of these works shall be specified in the authorization decision, and the Sheikh Akel is entitled to terminate the authorization or amend it at any time.
- Granting prior permission to all books and audiovisual publications of the religious nature related the Druze Unitarian Community and prosecuting the violators before the competent authorities.
- Taking care of all the things related to the religious matters, rituals, blessings and places, safeguarding the freedom of the sheikhs of religion and taking appropriate measures.
- Accepting all donations and contributions presented to the shrines of the Akel sheikhdom in accordance with the laws in force.
- Identifying persons who practice Unitarian religious rituals in order to exempt them from the military service.
- Granting prior approval to designate entrusted delegations with religious missions related to the community abroad.

Article Five:

It is not permissible to combine the position of the sheikh Akel with any job, profession, occupation or any other kind of paid work, except for the honorary posts assigned to the heads of the sects and the status of sheikh Akel; noting that accepting the post of Sheikh Akel is a final waiver of any job, occupation, profession or other work.

Article Six:

The Sheikh Akel of the Druze Unitarian Community has a permanent staff, and this administrative body consists of the functions mentioned in Table 1 attached to this law.