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Thursday 20 June 2024 - 14 Dhul Hijjah 1445

Drugs Abyss

Man, by his essence, is a thinking mind, and a tongue that expresses. By his mind he acquired the honor of authority, so he became the axis and the aim of this existence in achieving his entity and what he was created for.

He is the passing bridge from the material unconscious existence to God who is the aim and the end. This Man is the conscious of God in this existence, he alone knows the existence of himself, what exists outside of him, and knows the lights of the Divine Grace shining on him.

Because Man, by his awareness and mind is God living conscious and the yeast of his existential bread, the Unitarian faith considered that the head of sins is when Man trespasses his mind and himself because it is at the level of declaring aggression against the Almighty God.

It came in the Hermetic Wisdom: Believers, your protector opened your minds to wisdom, while for murderers and others’ minds he prepared burial, and in case it was opened the world fire called flames will reverberate.

In God’s book it was said: “Whoever finds the way he does it for himself, and whoever lost it he deviates from it, and our burdens shall not be the burdens of others,” the almighty said also “Man will have what he sought for.”

Drugs abuse and addiction is nothing other than Man attacking himself, and a brazen attempt to destroy his mind or kill it completely. If we know that Man did not acquire his identity as a human being except thanks to the wind granted to him, we know then, that destroying it or killing it is a concession of Man to his humanity and his coercive return to the speechless animal state, which does not know neither the meaning of itself, nor the meaning of existence and divinity.

Given that Man is a social being by nature as defined by Aristotle, one of the main reasons of his development and advancement to live in an organized society governed by customs and laws, is the balance between his categories, classes and confessions, providing deep peace under the wings of justice and freedom, as well as consecrating the right of each individual in learning working, and positive interaction with others.

Whereas our Lebanese society was transformed after the last wars to a place opened to civilizations and ideologies conflicts, it helped in spreading chaos and consecrating the principle of end justifies means. This principle tampered customs and traditions and harmed the laws standing and spread a chaotic and absurd atmosphere which attracted the youth towards prohibitions talking the wild instinct language and hectic emotions.   

In such chaotic and absurd environment, stopped or almost stopped the individual and collective mind work, which is the system, organization, balance, and responsibility of the individual towards himself, the society and God, so the exploding instincts giving people quick pleasures will move will quickly reverse on itself and from its entrails will born pain, sadness, and unlimited sense of humiliation. This is the drugs atmosphere, the mind is silent and the instinct talks, the organization left and the chaos is the master of the situation, the public good is paralyzed and the individual interest roams, the love feeding the tendency of Man as a social being is absent and the hatred feeding the tendency to others and self-attack is totally ready. The result of all this is an absurd mind and chaotic behavior seeking an immediate quick pleasure followed by frustration, depression and then, vanishing. Where is youth, from its saying in his Holy book: “We have created man in best valuation??!”

The Almighty God granted human a mind, than it made him vile by disobeying the mind call and following the instinct calls. While those who believed that this existence was created to the same purpose mentioned in the Holy Book where God did not created the creation except to worship when Humans realize the greatness of the creator, in truth, believing, propagation of virtue and prevention of vice, the certainty that this existence is theological, where every reason follows its cause, and where chaos and absurdity are abomination of Satan work which we have to avoid.

In Britannica Encyclopedia it was mentioned about the cocaine drug the following:

No one is immunized against this destroying curse, neither the strong, nor the rich, the homeless and the depressed. Even when cocaine does not kill the body, it attacks the being and disperses the will destroying every ounce of dignity and confidence holding an agony harder than death.

If cocaine does all of this destroying acts, so what about the cheap chemical drugs propagated currently on purpose and by bad faith to the young generation in schools and universities, taking advantage of their frustration and lost in a chaotic and absurd society, trying to tempt them saying that drugs will stimulate their sexual  forces, especially that there is no control from the government on the pornographic films and internet networks trying through persuasion and inducement to persuade people that their happiness are pleasures, and that more they are perverted in asking the pleasure, happiness will fill their heart and they will be in the heart of happiness until reaching the abyss. How do you know what abyss is?!

Last but not least, the human and moral duty calls us for synergy, cooperation and collaboration in order to stand in face of such problems besetting the society and its citizens. This will only happen through guidance and awareness of the dangers resulting from this calamity and by clarifying the religious law that prohibits drug abuse and all what corrupts the mind and ruins the soul, as well as by showing that the human body is a trust or a consignment which we shall keep, preserve and maintain from risks.