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Thursday 25 April 2024 - 16 Shawal 1445

Drugs Abyss(2)

If civilizations were governed by the principle of low and high tide that governs seas and oceans, Lebanon was in the fifties, sixties and mid of seventies decades of the last century in a stage of civilized rising tide which was on the point of making it one of the world first states, the most secure and safe shelter as well as an incentive for all intellectuals in the Arab World and a safe refuge to capitals which the black gold transformed to yellow gold. So Lebanon became the oasis of the renaissance thoughts aspiring to rationality and to build a sufficiency and justice society respecting human rights and equaling between man and woman form one side, and the economic as well as financial investment oasis from the other side.  

In this atmosphere the cultivation of hashish and opium was prospering in Lebanon, where the statistics say that around seventy thousand acres were planted with those two types, and so millions of hard currency were flowing. But what draws the attention at that time, and also according to official statistics, that the rate of drug addicts was not exceeding two percent. How do we explain the phenomenon of people planting cannabis and opium, marketing abroad without taking it or addicting to it, knowing that their act is offending and harm to others exists even if they prevent themselves from its direct harm, harm will definitely come back to them? In our opinion what helped them to beautify the inconveniences of this phenomenon is that the Lebanese community at that golden stage was united, coherent and consolidated having a rising civilized vision lighting the fire of chivalry between its ribs. The family was a social cell having its values scale and its members were interacting with each other positively, moving as life and team work coherent and consolidated. The written mass media and television were governed by a vision of Lebanon being the country of civilizations, languages, religions and capitals interactions. All were believers and were struggling in order to make Lebanon the stock exchange, the bank, the university, the tribune, the hospital, the hotel and the translator of the Arab World. In the shadow of this rising fact on the social, intellectual and economic level, we produced a lot of drugs as marketing merchandise giving a hard currency, and they did not realize its difficulties, or the effects of its stagnant waters and its disasters.  

Today, if we go back to the American report concerning drugs fighting published in 2009, we would have find that Lebanon is not anymore a country producing drugs, especially that the Narcotics Control Bureau has destroyed those most evil cultures with an energy that does not know fatigue or submission. But the rate of consuming drugs increased in Lebanon to reach around 27%, and also it turned from hashish to chemical drugs promoted in the markets at low prices allowing even the teenagers to obtain have access to them. if we were logic we would have said that there were networks that intend to market those products in schools and universities, and among poor classes in order to destroy the scale of those classes values whose real capital is their ethics and honor, so that whole generations will be born that do not have a future vision to their life, and goals to achieve and that stimulate them to the best. They will live in nil and absurd centers in a dismantled social framework allowing them to legalize prohibitions and commit perversities standing against customs, traditions and cultures. May be it is a conspiracy against Man in Lebanon to lose his civilized personality and original values in thousand years old society. It is a conspiracy to attack the affiliation principle, whether the affiliation of man to the land, to the society or to a civilization having its own mark despite its openness to all civilizations.  

The goal behind the promotion of cheap drugs, accompanied with pornographic, perverse sexual films promotion, and with lack of correct, healthy and scientific knowledge among people, is to give false impressions to young girls and young men, to obliterate their minds with corrupted illusions harmful to the body, to the soul and to the mind, so they will be lead by rumors, illusions and superstitions that becomes stronger than proven facts. 

 We come back to ask the big question: Why Lebanon before the civil war was immunized against drugs in spite of being a drugs producing country, and why Lebanon today is a country ravaged by drugs in spite of not being a producing country anymore? The answer in our opinion is that yesterday Lebanon was governed by teleology philosophy that considers Man the aim of this existence, and defines it as a rational being, free, responsible and sociable by nature, that must immunize his rationality by bearing responsibility materialized on the society ground by a positive and constructive interaction with others.  

Today Lebanon is governed by absurd philosophy making the human being a consuming creature (which purpose is quick pleasure), drowned in its nullity, and in the absurdity of superstitions, illusions and rituals lacking of even the least truth essence. The worse is that those superstitions put sometimes the clothes of religious thoughts by not differentiating between the essences of religions and popular religious cultures most of which born in the era of deterioration from which in our opinion we did not get out yet unfortunately.   

Finally, we say that the problem of drug addiction is not only a security problem, as it is considered currently in Lebanon, but it is a social, economic and cultural problem, and its treatment is not limited to the security body, but a comprehensive plan must be placed in which the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Youth and parents should participate through starting, awareness and faith, health, human, religious and scientific culture, in which schools, clubs, associations and factories participate. Briefly, the problem should be treated on the basis that it is a moral problem and not a security problem.  

Kamal Sarieddinne contributed in the preparation of the text.  

Issued on October 01, 2010           

Unitarian knowledge                   

Issued by Druze Unitarian confession

Sheikhdom Office