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Thursday 25 April 2024 - 16 Shawal 1445

Lights on the Unitarian Woman

The man in the belief of monotheism is its speaking soul, and the body is nothing than a material machine in the best evaluation through which the soul practices her knowledge, work, elevates the mind to a higher level, and falls with ignorance to an inferior level. This soul is a living immortal essence accepting the knowledge as the ignorance, the light as darkness, the obedience as the disobedience.

This theory proves that the souls are equal between the creation whatever its kind was concerning the identity. This world is the world of equality. However the disparity remains in the individual ability to interact with the good, whether he was a male or a female, and to reach the spiritual levels according to his vitality, effort and sincere intention.

This monotheist rising and progressing belief determined since the beginning that the soul whether in a male or female body is an independent and integrated being having its own entity and mark that distinguishes it from the other and makes it and nothing else. The meaning of these words is that the woman is not the shadow of the man, but she is as the man active and passive, useful and beneficiary.

The monotheism philosophy considers the human, whether a man or a woman, an independent, integrated wise, free and responsible entity, not forced or compelled.

The Unitarian woman enjoys Unitarian qualities and she works by virtue of this, her chivalry in helping the weak, her kindness with neighbors, her smiling in welcoming the guests, working besides her husband, in addition to the house responsibility to earn respectable living. The most important is to be an ideal example for her children in honesty, integrity, good faith, seeking to ask knowledge, working hard, soul chastity, rising above pettiness. She has also to be a leader in tolerance with her neighbors and brothers, in forgiving those who hurt her and repay it with good. She adopts in raising her children, solidarity and cohesion between them and their relatives and all the members of their society through teaching them that the dignity of a person is part of the group dignity and not at the expense of the group dignity, same as happiness and success.  The Unitarian woman does not have the right to show off and parade, because the religion ethics taught her humility and dream. If she shows off so she would be showing off her chivalry, her chastity and her decency.

Let us preserve the honorable and respectable ways and customs, and what we achieve our humanity through as solidarity with the law of reasons and nature. Let us leave what makes us slaves with will, losing the initiative freedom. We are sons of reason, we don’t bless the science that is not suitable with logic reason, sons of honor and decency, and our happiness is the knowledge, the chivalry, the generosity, the courage and the good words impregnated in the soul essence accompanying it for ever. We beg the almighty god to be with you those that he preserves from desires and suspicions that die with the death of the body composed of ephemeral characters, while as the human soul is immortal, everlasting and does not die.  

Contribution in the text preparation Kamal Sarieddine

       Issued on November 26, 2010               

Unitarian instructions, issued by the Sheikhdom office

of the Unitarian Druze community