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Sunday 25 February 2024 - 16 Shaban 1445

The Conscience

Is the conscience those obvious facts that are engraved  on the mirrors of our reincarnated  quintessential souls since the dawn of creation and whose light has been blot out by our inferior thoughts and deeds which we thought doesn’t exist? The same as the earth fiery core has been suppressed by water and soil, made the ignorant think that the planet earth is all composed of water and soil. All until a volcano erupts somewhere and lava flows like rivers burning stones and loams. It’s then when they remember that the earth’s core is boiler of fire.  We like in the chill of our negligence and the delusion of our submission to our controversial deeds until suddenly the volcano of our conscience erupts from the depth of our souls casting in front of us the fire of truth.

Is the conscience a compass that stores the secrets of divinity in us and which is more transparent from the science of logic that depends on induction, measurement and cloning and more luxurious than all other mental sciences that render all the facts with  evidences of perception, experience, justification, explanation and comparison? As if the conscience is an intuition starting from the complete abstract towards the tangible molecules. We suppose that it’s a heavenly message sent to us out of compassion and fear that we might fall the cliff of violations which will distract us from the virtuous path.

The wise Chinese philosopher Confucius said that the conscious is the mind’s light to make a distinction of good from evil. And Plato said that soul is a quintessential, alive, spiritual, transparent and immortal that accepts reason as well as ignorance. Some compared the soul to a battle field where the innate traits of the mind from light, good, justice, modesty and love, battle against the intrinsic quality of darkness, tyranny, arrogance and hostility. If the innate traits of the mind win and the light strengthens and the darkness weakens then good prevails and evil fades and love triumphs and hostility lessens, and the opposite happens if the adversary wins.

We say that the power of the light, justice, truth, good and beauty should always be awakened and dominant over human behaviors thoughts and intentions, because only then we can say that this man is rational and perceives the purpose of his existence and everlasting laws carved on the quintessence of his soul since the dawn of creation.

In contents of Plato’s republic it is the wise man’s duty to peruse to fulfill his human perfection by knowing himself and his God. And this endeavor is a continuous travel towards God, a journey that won’t stop expect in the dead souls.

If the motivation to work for some people is the profit either of worldly money and prestige or paradise ad comfort. The holder of the conscience does something because he’s right and just without considering winning or losing. In the same manner, who worships God since he’s worthy of worshiping, not out of greed to be in heaven and not out of fear from fire. Just as the famous worshiper   Rabia al Adawiyya   addressed her God.

Ibrahim al-Mazin  said:

 I do what I should with out any expectations / I don’t care what people say

 My only concern is my conscience when I please it/ I consider that worshipping is the concealed peace.

The mystic the Junaid said “The vivid conscience makes you feel the ease of comfort and happiness of tranquility even when you are sleeping on thorns.

Ibin Baja said “there is no happiness equivalent to that of the conscience relief. Its relief is  the comfort that God (Glory to his name) in his Book when he addressed the faithful soul saying : obedient soul  return to your God pleased and gratified , as if tranquility is the biggest reward God can give by God  to the human soul. Furthermore, a Tanoukhian prince said that four things make the conscience numb and almost dead: money, authority, lust and stubbornness. 

Contributed in producing the text Kamal Sari al Deen

Edited  in 1432 H. 2011 A.D  on 20/5/2011

 Twaheed guidance                   

Issued  from the Office of Druze Sheikhdom