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Sunday 25 February 2024 - 16 Shaban 1445

Truth and Credulity (26)

(And he for whom Allah has not appointed light, for him there is no light). [The light 40]

The human speaking soul is a flame of God’s light, an eternal transparent jewel. If we lighten it with Unitarian qualities, it will be purified and attracted with love and passion to its Creator. As the letter is attracted to its meaning and the river to the surrounded sea, God will look after it carefully so that it lives virtuous, quiet and satisfied, reaching the highest degrees.

No such a thing can lighten, crystallize the soul and help the branch to be attracted to its origin more than truth. In fact, truth in believing is like the issue of the head from the body. Truth is an executive decision and a positive position that should be standing on a rigid ground so that its basics remain unshakable and its construction does not break. This rigid ground is the truth. The start of truth is nothing but credulity, and leads to a charity that links the servant to his Creator. Thus, the light that sparkles between the servant’s wings radiates and appears like words on his lips and actions stemming from his efforts.

First, it is about believing that human is the destination of this existence and the purpose of the Creator His Almighty, and that all the creatures of this existence starting from galaxies and ending with atoms and electrons, are at his service in order to achieve his humanity, and allow him to know his Creator and obey him. His humanity is nothing but his communication with his Creator by feeling himself and all that surrounds him. The complete happiness is reached once human is able, by his right belief first, and his good actions second, to lighten the core of his speaking soul so that he would be able to see all the obvious realities of existence printed on the mirror of his soul. Therefore, according to some philosophers, science becomes a memory and the content of the soul’s core becomes compatible with what the reason acquired among knowledge in universal laws through his remarks and experiences. Then, human will make sure that his soul is nothing but a flame from God's light, it is the ferment of divinity in the present life. God will appear to the soul if it becomes purified and armed with the right education and action. In return, He will abandon it if it darkens and becomes intensified with the falseness of science and bad actions.

It is believing that existence is not absurd, it has a definite objective, and that each reason in it follows its origin since God created it according to laws elaborated in the nature of the creatures. Nothing is created suddenly, and nothing is beaten by chance, even marvels, miracles and wonders are only phenomenons subject to rational and pertinent laws that we still ignore until this moment.

Given that God created his creatures according to laws organized by His wisdom, human should know and believe that nature is virtuous in its whole, and the bad actions made on earth are one of human’s behaviors that breach the laws of the messengers and prophets. It is because human, due to his stubbornness, arrogance and pragmatic philosophy, insists on ignoring the laws of the nature and the reason, following his passions, his greed and the obscurity of his soul. Thus, he practices hostility against himself by neglecting the seeds of good, beauty and justice. “So whosoever does good equal to the weight of an atom (or a small ant) shall see it. And whosoever does evil equal to the weight of an atom (or a small ant) shall see it”. When human credulity is confirmed by divine messages, messengers and saints, it will be convinced by reason and experience that monotheism exists in all these messages. It is the soul that gives life to spirits. Therefore, it is confirmed that the right, the good and the justice are the core and the purposes of all these messages. Then, fanaticism will disappear from the human’s heart and disadvantages from his mind, so he will be positively opened to others, knowing consciously that appearances change and only the core remains, and calling the only Master who does not beget nor was he begotten, and who is self-sufficient. Thus, the human will be acting according to the concept of truth and divine justice.

Truthfulness cancels the duplication between what human wants by his soul and by his body. Therefore, both the duality and contradiction between the soul and the body will be completely denied, until the body becomes a transparent and obedient soul to its Creator, communicating with His messengers and prophets in the same way as roses communicate through their aromas and the ray through its sun. It is the truthfulness that transforms the human into an eternal lover who, every time he discovers an island of the coral and corundum islands in the sea of divine love, he gets more excited and his passion inflames between his wings for more sailing seeking another island. It is the joy of permanent development and rising. In fact, love taught him that theological movement is the core of this existence, and that the human of meat and blood in whom were interlaced the limited and the unlimited, as well as the consciousness and the unconsciousness, the relative and the absolute, the intense and the soft, is a result of permanent traveling in the sea of his love, his passion and his longing to communicate with his origin which is unperceived by the minds and not surrounded by thoughts. It is closer to us than the jugular vein and it is distant from us, since it surrounds us while we do not encircle it. We travel from it to it in an unending journey having longing as its sole component; love as its boat, and strong enthusiasm to communication as its objective and purpose.  

Contribution to the preparation of the text, Kamal Sarieddine.


Issued on December 20, 2010


Unitarian Knowledge

Issued by the sheikhdom office

Of Druze Unitarian Community