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Sunday 25 February 2024 - 16 Shaban 1445

The Journey of Faith in the Heavenly Missions

Praise to God, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds, and prayer and peace be upon his honest, guiding and faithful prophet and his noble fellows and companions and whoever followed them in benevolence until the day of religion.

God, to be ascribed all perfection and majesty, the Supreme, the Most High, the Creator, “Lord of the heaven And of the earth, And all between them, And Lord of every point At the rising of the sun!” (The Ranks sura – verse 5)  the Holy Forgiver, the Eternal Existent with no beginning and no end, the Self-Exalted; not limited to bounds of time and space, the Most Powerful, the All-Wise, Who gifted man of His bountifulness and generosity in accordance to his ability and capacity.

The Almighty said, “Then We made the sperm Into a clot of congealed blood; Then of that clot We made A (fœtus) lump; then We Made out of that lump Bones and clothed the bones With flesh; then We developed Out of it another creature. So blessed be God, The best to create!” (The Believers sura– verse 14) 

The Almighty addressed his creation, “Am I not your Lord (Who cherishes and sustains you)?” (The Heights sura– verse 172) and since then he made prophets and messengers available at every time and place to remind those who forgot his graces for he said, “ Therefore do thou give Admonition, for thou art One to admonish. (The Overwhelming Event sura– verse 21)

The divine revelation is imparted by humanity; it is the successor of God on Earth, seen by people, and who does the miracles by the Almighty’s support, to show the selected nation the straight way and the righteous sunnas. This was by Adam (pbuh) himself whom the Almighty made cognizant of the hidden content of His knowledge and all names where the angels sank to the ground in worship.


The divine wisdom intended that a power of evil exists in opposition to the messengers’ guidance and represented by the Devil who envied the gracious Adam and refused to kneel in worship for him despite his confession of the divine power; therefore, confessing the divine might is useless unless accompanied by obedience to whom was sent by the Almighty as a guide, evidence and grace to others. Since then, the conflict between right and wrong, light and darkness, and guidance and delusion has taken place. Then the conflict was transmitted to the inside of souls, the recipient of the traces of guidance as well as of delusion; making the strife of the soul the Greater Jihad.


Noah succeeded Adam then many other messengers (Pbut) until the seal of prophets (pbuh) to establish the base of guidance i.e the worship and fear of God and the confession of whom were sent as evidence to the worlds.

Whereas, Satan, may he be cursed by God, and who was expelled of Heaven for disobeying Adam (pbuh), swore to deviate all the creatures from righteousness; so he called at all times and through his slandered apostles for the worship of idols in opposition of righteousness represented by the messenger of true religion.

Abraham El Khalil (pbuh) played the most significant role in breaking the worship of idols with clear evidence and proving “Al-wasitah”  (the means) by the messenger. The most dangerous of issue was that Satan spread helpers who realized the meaning of perfection in man, and exceeded the concept of caliphate of God on earth to call for godhood (divinity) as Namrod and Pharaoh did (Be they cursed by God).

Then came to “Bani Israel,” the speaker to God, Moses (pbuh) and whom God addressed on Mount At-tour, as the Almighty said in The Heights Sura, “When Moses came To the place appointed by Us, And his Lord addressed Him, He said: ΄O my Lord! Show (Thyself) to me, That I may look upon Thee.΄ God said, ΄By no means Canst thou see Me (direct)…” verse 143. His saying ‘Canst thou see Me’ does neither frustrate the hope of the righteous nor make them desperate; instead, it instills them with intimacy, strengthens them with hope and kindles their longing to the meeting day; ‘you won’t see me in this world’ is  to motivate him to fulfill the absolute promise in the end.

Then came the Christ (pbuh) who was a miracle prodigy with his action because of the incredible miraculous manifestations which bewildered (astounded) the liars and concealed the falsity of the stubborn: blind started to see, lame started to walk, lepers became disinfected, the dead woke up…

As to the last of Prophets, Mohamad (pbuh), he brought the miracle of the Holy Qur’an which separates right from wrong; it is an abstract miracle which exists forever, a luminous edifice, a sacred campus and an ocean filled with pearls.

According to the Holy Qur’an, people are classified into three categories. The first who could not excel in learning the examples given by God in His book and practiced by the prophetic sunna in graduation and practice of realizing his transcendental realities; they resemble those who could not swim yet are determined to drown at confronting diving.

As to the other two successful categories: the first includes those who believe in Truth yet lack the ability, eagerness, valor and intrepidity; they resemble those who could swim yet are afraid to dive into the depths where pearls lie on the seabed.

Whereas, the highest of believers excelled in success. Their goal in learning how to swim was not limited to domesticating their soul; instead, their longing and yearning drove them so far from the surface of horizon to dive into the depths and obtain the courteous dazzling pearls – they are the pious and scholars of whom the Most Exalted, Most Glorified spoke, “ It is only those who have knowledge among His slaves that fear Allah.” For them the gates of grace are open, and they are whom the messenger of mercy meant with, “Some of science is hidden and could not be perceived except by knowers of God.”

It was a wisdom of the Islamic Law to gather Moslem respondents of different categories under its flag, it said, “ To each among you Have We prescribed a Law And an Open way. If God had so willed, He would have made you A single People, but (His Plan is) to test you in what He hath given you: so strive As in a race in all virtues. The goal of you all is to God; It is He that will show you The truth of the matters In which ye dispute.” (The Table Spread sura – verse 48).

The Mouwahidoune Druze, as other Islamic confessions, believe in the unified truth of faith in all the heavenly missions, as stipulated by the Almighty, “say ye: “We believe In God, and the revelation Given to us, and to Abraham, In God, and the revelation Given to us, and to Abraham, Isma’il, Isaac, Jacob, And the Tribes, and that given To Moses and Jesus, and that given To (all) Prophets from their Lord: We make no difference Between one and another of them: And we bow to God (in Islam).” (The Cow sura – verse 136)

He also said, “no good Will it do to a soul To believe in them then, If it believed not before Nor earned righteousness Through its Faith.” (Cattle sura – verse 158).

  And the last of prayer is that praise to God our Creator, our Guide, our Provider, our Quencher, our Healer; and thanks to his messenger, the invested with God’s command (al-qa'im bi-amr allah) and the honest truthful to promise.  

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