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Sunday 25 February 2024 - 16 Shaban 1445

Corruption and Demoralization(2)

And they ask you about the immoral conducts in which stagnant water flounder our youth and go astray in the labyrinth mirage of its deserts.

So tell them: The beginning of corruption is the result of the absence of an indubitable vision in the minds of the young for their future life, accompanied by the absence of a correct faith road map leading to the actual and practical substantiation of their rational vision in society. It is the incomplete materialistic education that taught our youth to look at the negative and turn away from the positive.

They do not seek in their society except unemployment, emptiness, defilement, and immigration. Their eyes become blind to see the parents who work hard day and night and deprive themselves of their simplest rights to comfort and luxury for the sake of educating their children and promoting them to ranks higher than their own. They do not see the immigrant father who plunges into the unknown and whose chivalry gave him more determination and perseverance to sacrifice for a better future for all the members of his family. They do not see the mother who slaughters her femininity at the altar of her motherhood, sacrificing even her own dreams for the sake of building a virtuous, educated and civilized family, evolving with the science and knowledge of the time and its work opportunities. What is feared today is that the parents have neglected their children, and that the fast-paced civilization has made them forget their duties.

It is the notion of the corrupt modern education at the school and university that taught our youth to despise their Arabic language and their principles. It is also the education that was heedless to our cultural heritage, our good manners, our original traditions, and the outcome of the minds of our virtuous geniuses and the struggle of our workers and farmers. It detached our youth, suppressed their minds from the truth, blurred their vision from their society values, and sent them astray. Shyness fell and the human body was stripped of its reverence and the display of its charms has become progress and an affiliation with the age of globalization. If reason dictates that a person should unveil to the beholder the best in him, where is the good that our young men and women today show and unveil to the eye of the beholder and brag about?

In our heritage planks, a person is proud of his generosity, his courage, and his chivalry. He is proud to offer relief to the devastated, support the deemed weak, and extend a helping hand to the orphaned, widowed, and passer-by. Our youth have come to brag about their vice. Some have sold the land of their fathers and the fields of their grandfathers to show off ornament, cars and the like. The interest on money blurred their vision and blinded their insight from the truth.

Plato said: the mind is the religion of the few and religion is the mind of the public. We have come to have neither mind nor religion but an arduous seeking for money regardless of the means and a mad rush to desires even at the expense of chivalry, nobility, and self-respect. AlFarabi said “the virtue of the poor is his modesty and self-respect and the virtue of the rich is his giving and his mending the missteps of the noble”. And of the lessons of a wise man: “Virtue is the other side to knowledge and ignorance is the other side to vice”. The more our youth today increase their knowledge the more ignorant they become because knowledge to them has become the means not the end and the way to reach and earn more money to satisfy desires and please appetite, and not a route of ascent for the individual to reach the achievement of his human perfection and own the evidential truths and mental virtues which is the ultimate goal and the ultimate happiness.  

Contributed in the preparation of the text, Kamal Sarieddine

Issued in 2 Dhu al-Qada 1431 Hijra Corresponding to 8/11/2010 

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