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Saturday 08 August 2020 - 18 Dhul Hijjah 1441
Sheikh Akl of the Unitarian Druze Community, in accordance with the law of the organization of the affairs of the Druze Unitarians and the powers conferred on him;
Decides the following: The appointment of the second consultative committee of Sheikh Akl of the Unitarian Druze Community as follows:
First: Renewal of the appointment of the religious consultative committee of the Akl Sheikhdom of the Unitarian Druze Community and modifying it as follows:
1 - Sheikh Saeed Faraj of the city of Abieh, district d'Aley
2 - Sheikh Suleiman Choujaa of Khlawat Bayadah, district of Hasbaya
3 - Sheikh Hassan Maher of Ain Kani, district of Chouf
4 - Sheikh Nassib Madi of the city of Abadiyeh, district of Baabda
5- Sheikh Ghassan Al Halabi of Beirut, Beirut

Second: Preserve the right to appoint a counselor from the Rashaya district.
Third: This decision shall be published and notified when necessary.

A decision isuued on 10 Dhul Qa'da 1434 AH. corresponding to September 16, 2013.

Sheikh Akl from the Unitarian Druze Community
Naim Hassan