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Monday 03 October 2022 - 7 Rabi Al-Awal 1444
His Eminence, Sheikh Al-Aql, Sheikh Naeem Hasan received the Tunisian ambassador and Consul Rahhal and other personalities


His Eminence, Sheikh Aql of the Druze monotheistic faith (Tawhid), Sheikh Naeem Hasan received at the Community House in Beirut today, the Tunisian ambassador to Lebanon Burawi Al Imam, who presented with His Eminence the general situation and his country's position in support of Lebanon at various levels.
Sheikh Hasan also received the Lebanese Consul to Canada, Hussein Rahhal, accompanied by the President of the Thought and Life Association, Sheikh Saleh Hamed. The Consul briefed His Eminence on the conditions of the Lebanese community in Canada, the permanent efforts to follow up its affairs and concerns, issues related to the Canadian institutions and government, and the aid provided to Lebanon as a result of the recent painful explosion.
His Eminence also received a delegation from the Beirut Residents Endowment Committee, which included chairman Ali Al-Oud and Committee member Muneeb Nasruddin, and the discussion dealt with a number of matters related to the committee's role and other issues related to it.
Sheikh Al-Aql discussed the conditions of Lebanese expatriates with the head of the expatriate committee in the confessional council, Jamal al-Jawhary, as well as the committee's tasks and efforts in this regard.
Beirut on 24/12/2020