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Monday 03 October 2022 - 7 Rabi Al-Awal 1444
His Eminence, Sheikh Al-Aql, Sheikh Naeem Hasan called for a government without quotas and received Captain Khalaf


His Eminence, Sheikh Aql of the Druze monotheistic faith (Tawhid), Sheikh Naeem Hasan affirmed "The necessity for the promised government not to produce a copy of the former one in term of quotas and side settlements, but for a real salvation government capable of leading a reform workshop in accordance with the requirements of national action to get Lebanon out of collapse." Sheikh Hassan stressed "the importance of balanced representation of the various national segments, at the forefront of which is the Druze community, on the basis of partnership and cooperation in accordance with natural entitlement without any discrimination in representation except on the basis of competence, merit and offering the best, so that the Lebanese do not lose the last window of opportunity available to lift the country from extinction".
In another context, his Eminence renewed the call for "upholding morals in dealing between people, offering respect for each other's religious beliefs in public behavior, and upholding freedom of opinion based on an ethical standpoint first". Sheikh Al-Aql expressed his "rejection and condemnation of any offense to the Messenger of God Muhammad (pbuh) And all the prophets and messengers, affirming that rejecting offenses and ignoring the controls of reason and mutual respect is paralleled by the refusal of murder and bloodshed, and for this reason the word of prudent ethics remains a protection for human beings that unites and never separates. "
On the other hand, Sheikh Al-Aql received at the Community House in Beirut today, the President of the Lawyers Syndicate, Melhem Khalaf, accompanied by the Secretary of the Syndicate Saad al-Din al-Khatib, in the presence of the Secretary of the Religious Council, Lawyer Nizar Al-Baradei, and members of the Legal Committee of the Lawyers Council, member of the Syndicate Council Nada Talhouk, Nashat Hilal, Dr. Talal Jaber, and the attorneys of the sectarian council, Mazen Al-Masry, and Rita Halawi.
Mr. Khalaf presented his Eminence with the initiative launched by the Bar Association within the framework of the steps it sees to enhance the reality of the state and society, by reconfiguring the authorities, through the approval of a Senate, a non-sectarian electoral law, and a law for parties without discrimination.
Sheikh Al-Aql wished to Mr. Khalaf and the Council of the Syndicate "success and good luck for all endeavors and initiatives that would benefit the nation in general, and contribute to strengthening the role of the state based on institutions incubating society, whose integration and interaction would fortify segments of society and reduce their suffering at all levels."
Directly afterwards Mr. Khalaf said: “The initiative launched by the Syndicate Council and accompanied by the free professions syndicates and university presidents around which a community force that draws closer to the heads of the spiritual sects had formed, and we had the honor to be received by his Eminence Sheikh Al-Aql, as we asked for his blessing for the proposal that we made, and if he had any remarks, but the meeting was positive, as usual, in this house that we consider for us all. "
Khalaf added, "The initiative is based mainly on two basic matters, the daily suffering in the Lebanese society, which we see as endless, and the existing problem of not basically forming the governmental institution. The proposal was to adopt a rescue roadmap on two levels, the first is the government that will be formed of any kind, we demand two goals for it: to establish a necessary and rapid social safety network inside the country with all the known reforms, especially since we do not have the luxury of ignoring them, and to move towards the restructuring of power through the approval of the Senate as a guarantee for spiritual families, and the adoption of an electoral law outside the sectarian constraint, and there will be discussion about the law which shall reassured the political parties and citizens on the basis of the election law based on which the election will be taking place and the election of the Senate members. And then the second government would return with two basic objectives: fortifying the reforms undertaken by the first government and approving the administrative decentralization law on the condition of establishing a national mutual fund between regions and a law for parties at a national level that is not sectarian or regional without discrimination. "
He continued: "We have placed his Eminence today within this approach of the active forces within the Lebanese society, which are mainly associated with spiritual families, and these would be the first steps that we must all follow towards the horizon, and not to stop in front of the sinking of the boat that needs to be rescued, and all of us are responsible without exception."

Beirut on: 27/10/2020