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Sunday 01 November 2020 - 15 Rabi Al-Awal 1442
His Eminence, Sheikh Al-Aql, Sheikh Naeem Hasan, received a series of congratulatory calls for Eid Al-Adha


His Eminence, Sheikh Aql of the Druze monotheistic faith (Tawhid), Sheikh Naeem Hasan, received a series of congratulatory calls for Eid al-Adha, most notably from the President of the Republic General Michel Aoun, former President Michel Suleiman, President Saad Hariri, Patriarch of Antioch and the rest of the East for the Greek Orthodox John the X Yazji, the Metropolitan of Beirut and its dependencies for the Greek Orthodox Archbishop Elias Odeh, acting head of the Alawite Islamic Council Sheikh Muhammad Asfour, Archbishop of Sidon and Deir al-Qamar for the Maronites Maroun al-Ammar, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Zeina Akar, Minister of Interior Muhammad Fahmy, as well as MPs Nehme Tohme, Anwar al-Khalil, Marwan Hamadeh, Hadi Abu Al-Hosn, Anis Nassar, Henry Helou, Faisal Al Sayegh, and former Minister Ghazi Al Aridi, former MP Fadi Al Habr, head of the Lebanese Forces Party Samir Geagea, and Army Commander General Joseph Aoun, Chief of Staff Major General Amin al-Orm, Sheikh Bahaa al-Hariri, President of the Supreme Court of Appeal Sheikh Faisal Nasser al-Deen, Chairman of the Board of Bank of Beirut and the Arab Countries Ghassan Assaf, Professor Raji Al-Saad, and members of the Islamic-Christian Dialogue Committee, in addition to many accreditors hi Eminence’s office in foreign countries, and many of the current and previous members of the doctrinal Council.
His Eminence also exchanged congratulations with the Grand Mufti of the Republic of Lebanon Sheikh Abd al-Latif Derian, the Vice President of the Supreme Islamic Shiite Council Sheikh Ali al-Khatib, and the excellent Jaafari Mufti, Sheikh Ahmad Qabalan.
He also received many congratulations, most notably from Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri, Prime Minister Hassan Diab, President Tammam Salam, and a number of Arab and foreign ambassadors, former ministers, general directors, and spiritual, military, judicial, social and cultural personalities.
Beirut on 3/8/2020.