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Saturday 08 August 2020 - 18 Dhul Hijjah 1441
His Eminence office of Sheikh Al-Aql announces the return of visitors to the Shrines


The office of his Eminence, Sheikh Al-Aql of the Druze monotheistic faith (Tawhid), announced that it would be returning to accepting visitors to the shrines of Prince Abdullah Al-Tanoukhi and Prophet Ayoub and Sit Shaaweni, starting from the first of June during the daytime hours, provided that visitors adhere to the guidelines of the curators and the conditions of prevention and health care issued by the official authorities, specificallyby the Ministry of Health.
With the assertion that visiting the shrines is for asking for blessings and is intended to draw one closer to God Almighty in good faith coupled with close hope in the intercession of thereligious references.
Through keenness on hygiene and prevention:
Please be satisfied with the blessed recitations and shorten the visit periods at this exceptional time. In this you gain the integrity of intent and protection of soul and body.
Also, ablution is required before coming to the shrine and entering in purity centric and modest clothing.
Avoidance is necessary and it is the requirement of reason, and adherence to instructions does not spoil the faith and does not prevent the blessingsof the visit.
It is also required to abandon the handshakes and close greetings and be satisfied with the greeting of the hearts and faces.
Asking God Almightyfor you to have acceptable visits.
Beirut on: 5/30/2020