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Friday 05 June 2020 - 13 Shawal 1441
A statement issued by his Eminence’s office, Sheikh Aql of the Druze monotheistic faith (Tawhid) and the sectarian council


In the name of God the Merciful,
﴾ Everyone upon the earth will perish, and there will remain the Face of your Lord, Owner of Majesty and Honor ﴿ (Rahman: 26,27)

Given the current circumstances related to the new global pandemic, "Corona", and the obligation to adhere to the health guidelines regarding sterilization, disinfection and distancing, in anticipation of urgent matters, especially those related to death, and because of the current disparity spreading around and the confusion that some of our brothers in Villages and towns may encounter;
And in line with the official and public call for being firm in terms of adhering to the conditions of prevention and precaution, we therefore emphasize the need to act consciously and responsibly towards these influential situations, and not with just passion and haste, because this could have potential negative consequences that cannot be traced back, hoping that good management will take place in the occasion of a death, through wisdom and common sense, which helps in controlling matters on the one hand, and offers respect for the dead on the other hand, and after seeking help from God first, and reading Al-Fatihah and what is available from the holy book, according to the following:
- The need for accompanying the sick with the least possible number of people in the event of a medical necessity to the hospital
- The need to communicate with the closest persons to the patient
- A total commitment to drop hand shaking, kissing, and closeness, even between relatives and friends
- Providing the deceased with specialists who abide by the health precautions
- Informing relatives and friends that condolences are accepted by phone (more than one phone number can be dedicated for this purpose)
- Avoiding delay in the burial process, preferably on the day of the death, and limiting the funeral ceremony to the minimum possible level for the townspeople and relatives
- Performing prayer ceremonies by the town's Sheikhs, limiting the prayers with the four Takbeers and reading the holy verses and conclusion, by a limited number of Sheikhs
As we hope for our brothers and family to be aware of these directives, we ask God Almighty to protect us and protect you from any pandemic and misfortune.
Beirut on: 3/26/2020