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Thursday 06 August 2020 - 16 Dhul Hijjah 1441
Prayer of the absent for the soul of Martyr Sheikh Al-Atrash, his Eminence announces:
Sheikh Al-Atrash was urging to emphasize the reunification and unity in words and positions.


His Eminence Sheikh Al-Aql’s Office and the spiritual body of the Druze monotheistic faith (Tawfid) in Lebanon held a prayer of the absent for the soul of the late Sheikh Abu Adnan Rakan Al-Atrash. The spiritual body of the sect as well as his Eminence’s Office mourned the late Sheikh calling him "a true, unifying and compassionate sheikh calling for the truth. This was in conjunction with the scheduled date of prayer on his body in Syria, at the shrine of Prince Abdullah Al Tannoukhi (s) in Abey.
The prayer was attended by Sheikh Al-Aql of the Druze monotheistic faith (Tawhid), Sheikh Naeem Hasan, the spiritual authority Sheikh Abu Saleh Mohammed Al-Andari, Sheikh Akram Al-Sayegh representing the spiritual authority Sheikh Abu Yusuf Amin Al-Sayegh, and a crowd of religious and public figures led by Sheikh Abu Mahmoud Saeed Faraj. Also attended, Sheikh Abu Yusuf Amin Al-Aridi, a delegation from Aley headed by Sheikh Abu Taher Raydan Shehayeb, and Sheikh Abu Masoud Hani Jaber. Also attended, a delegation from Abadiyyeh headed by Sheikh Abu Taher Munir Barakeh and a delegation of the Sheikhs of the Shouf region headed by Sheikh Abu Suleiman Said Sarieddine, Sheikh Abu Zainuddin Hasan Ghannam and Sheikh Abu Afif Rafiq Abu Ghannam heading a delegation. Also attended, the elders of the West region, and the judge of the Druze court of Maten, Sheikh Gandhi Makarem and a delegation from the elders of the Irfan Monotheistic Foundation, headed by Sheikh Nazih Rafi’, and from the school of Al-Ishraq headed by Sheikh Wajdi al-Jurdi. Also attended, the head of the religious committee in the sectarian council, Sheikh Hadi Al-Aridi, and several members of the advisory body of his Eminence’s Office and the sectarian council, in addition to managers for councils and religious shrines, as well as religious crowds from different regions of the country.
The prayer was preceded by a speech from his Eminence Sheikh Al-Aql talking about the advantages and values of the late Sheikh:
“In the name of God the Merciful, we are for God and to Him we shall return;
Sheikh Abu Adnan Rakan Al-Atrash is of the Arab Islamic monotheistic stigma, which is rooted in the struggle of the honorable national history of Syria and the Arab nation to become a landmark of magnanimity and courage and sacrifice, and a shining symbol of unity and struggle to raise the banner under which the nation unifies all of its children.
The late Sheikh was distinguished amongst his people through intimacy and affection, good manners, and he was spiritually entrenched with sincerity, goodwill and with a heart that glowed with flowers of monotheistic meanings. He was a compassionate and kind, always calling for the truth, urging to adhere to the reunification and unity in words and position, in the surplus of universal love in the reunification homes.
Sheikh Rakan Al-Atrash was humble, enlightened in the spirit of obedience, and enchanted by God almighty, and sensed the gentleness of the rested behavior to the promotion of virtue and the prohibition of evil. All of this made a human presence that fills the hearts of the community with the beauty of kindness and the longing of the souls to the home of religious satisfaction that God Almighty blessed him with, and it showed on him without any effort.
Congratulations to those who have been blessed with obedience. We ask God Almighty for His great mercy, expressing the warmest feelings of participation and sympathy to the late Sheikh’s gracious family and to all the honorable Sheikhs in Syria and its people, and to all the brothers in Lebanon and its people, asking God to lead us to His liking, and to join us with the obedient walkers. Those who seek hope through the blessings and grace of God; and God never wastes the rewards of the believers.
After that, the prayer of the absent took place for the soul of Sheikh Al-Atrash and the participants accepted condolences.