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Wednesday 03 June 2020 - 11 Shawal 1441
His Eminence Sheikh Akl Sheikh Naim Hassan received the communication and banks’ unity committees and a youth association


His Eminence Sheikh Akl of the Druze Unitarian Community Sheikh Naim Hassan received today, in the Druze Community House in Beirut, the 2 communication committees delegate assigned by the Muslim Scholars Association and the Druze Sheikhdom, in addition to the Vice President of the commission Sheikh Khaled Aarefi, Sheikh Mohamad Takoush, and Sheikh Tarek Mezher, and the representatives of the Sheikhdom the Judge Sheikh Ghandi Makarem, Sheikh Salman Audi, and Sheikh Amer Zeineddine. And upon the meeting held among them, they agreed on the following joint statement of the two committees:
First: what was posted on the websites and social media and what was accompanied by the flyers that were distributed is a bad action towards the Druze and suspicious for its context and the inappropriate distribution.
Second: rejecting and denouncing all kinds of actions, print ads, and posts on websites and social media the leads to segregation and diversity among the Islamic religions, leading to deteriorating its unity, and the dissensions among the citizens of the country and the coexistence.
Third: confirming that this act disregards the Unitarian culture published, especially what was previously issued by the sheikhdom and the religious council for the Druze Unitarian Community and what is issued now from flyers, posts, and stands, rather than their cooperation in the General National Stands for the Druze through their political leadership, and it’s a disregard that increases the chances of repeating such actions.
Fourth: raising the care from all those who use these methods and all this segregation towards the individual interpretations related to actions of incitement and sedition.
Fifth: the two teams confirmed the commitment of the divine approach (There is no compulsion in religion), keeping in mind the rights of the Islamic religion and its ritual practicing.
Sixth: the two teams agreed to cooperate in the future to treat any phenomenon that contradicts to the Islamic religion concerning its concept and the Prophet’s biography.
And during the meeting, they assured the “common human traits among the different religions for its importance in fortifying the human beings from the diseases of religious extremism and the intolerance disputes, focusing on the educational weapon, including the glory of that civilization in the letter that was full with the united minds, and preserved for the generations a fruitful legacy. Since there is no compulsion in religion and whoever God enlightened his knowledge in the content of the fine religion with its heritage, including its evidence, will know the real meaning of humanity against what threatens the world from severe risks that are held by terrorist and intrigues”. Sheikh AKl thanked the members of the committees, appreciating the efforts done by them in this matter.
On the other hand, his eminence received a delegation from the syndicate union of banks’ employees in Lebanon including the head of the union George Haj, the head of the syndicate of the banks’ employees Asad Khoury, the Secretary General of the union Hekmat AlSayed, and the Vise Secretary General Akram Arabi.
They also dealt with the matters related to the affairs of the employees in the private sector and general matters.
His eminence also met “LDC Druze youth association” where they dealt with social matters and the future of the youth.