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Monday 20 May 2019 - 15 Ramadan 1440
His Eminence Sheikh Akl Sheikh Naim Hassan has Welcomed The Deputy Wael Abou Faour, Mr. Hady Jaber, Sheikh Amir Riman and A delegation from Maaser Town, on July 25, 2018


Beirut, on July 25, 2018

His Eminence Sheikh Akl of the Druze Unitarian Community Sheikh Naim Hassan has received at the Druze community house the member of the Democratic Gathering the Deputy Wael Abou Faour, where they had a presentation of the overall developments and the general situation.
His Eminence assured during the meeting that “it is necessary to work on levels in order to maintain the stability of Lebanon, and that is by accelerating the formation of the Government on a clear basis that respects the results of the Parliamentary elections.” He also emphasized that “the matters, on different levels, are now causing concern which requires a relentless pursuit to the formation of the Government.”
Afterwards, his Eminence has welcomed the Lebanese ambassador in Yemen, Mr. Hady Jaber.
His Eminence also met the representative of Akl Sheikhdom in Brazil Amir Riman, along with a delegation from Maaser town in Shouf.