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Saturday 30 September 2023 - 16 Rabi Al-Awal 1445
A statement issued by the Advisory Board of the Sheikh Akl of the Unitarian Druze Community


The advisory board of His Eminence Sheikh Al-Aql issued the following statement:
In the name of God, the Merciful. Praise be to God alone. And blessings and peace be upon His servant, the most honorable of creation.
Responsibility is an obligation that the servant is required to neglect, regardless of his place or position. It is collective and individual in that the religion system is based on “every group has one matter,” which is the precise meaning of the word “community”.
The religion system teaches us to work with reason in managing the meaning from the purposes of the truth that it is the duty of the rational person to be "aware of his time." And who among us is ignorant of the condition of people in the towns and villages due to the effect of a pandemic transmitted through the breath, is a result of a wisdom that God wills to test.
It was mentioned in what was said by great wisemen: “Give all trust to God and there is no excuse in delaying. It does not take any trouble for a rational person to realize that good trust does not take the place of good self-preservation, so there is no excuse for delay, that is, there is no excuse for a person to fail in performing his duties with his entrusting, but they are complementary at the core.
And the wise person realizes the meaning of what was mentioned by the noble Prince in his saying: “The Lord, Glory be to Him, does not ask anyone for what has been preceded in his knowledge, but rather what the servant does.” This means that the creatures have nothing to do with the previous knowledge of God, but rather what they do and initiatives they take.
Based on what was previously mentioned from the above-mentioned, we reiterate all that we have previously mentioned and published regarding this pandemic which is striking all countries of the earth. We appeal to everyone to have a firm mind in managing prevention methods with what is announced and known for the sake of our people, our society and our country.
As for what we are witnessing related to the high death rate - there is no strength or power except with God Almighty, the one who has command and will, and to Him we shall return - we appeal to restrict prayer gatherings and conclude notification of obituaries to the family of the deceased, and to receive condolences through phone calls to avoid crowded events and gatherings, contributing to the duty of prevention related to that. You shall be greatly rewarded.
Date: 28/01/2021.