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Sunday 27 September 2020 - 9 Safar 1442
His Eminence Sheikh Al-Aql, Sheikh Naeem Hasan met with the Union of Private Educational Institutions and Judge Abu Ghaida


His Eminence Sheikh Aql of the Druze monotheistic faith (Tawhid), Sheikh Naeem Hasan met today, in the Community House - Verdun, the Union of Private Educational Institutions in Lebanon, in the presence of the Chairman of the Cultural Committee of the Doctrinal Council Sheikh Sami Abi Al-Muna. The delegation explained to his Eminence the conditions of private schools and presented to him a memorandum of items on the Union’s demands that include draft laws to support parents in private schools and to release the dues of free schools in the country.
After the meeting, the Union’s coordinator, Secretary General of the Catholic Schools in Lebanon, Father Boutros Azar, stated, "We were honored to visit his Eminence Sheikh Naeem Hasan, and to listen to his directives regarding the educational sector, solidarity and cooperation for the good of the homeland and people in Lebanon, asking for his quick intervention to support the draft laws that were submitted to pay the school fees, so that the teachers can receive their salaries and to ensure the continuation of the private schools sector in Lebanon, which hosts more than two-thirds of Lebanon’s students, with an average of 700,000 students. There are two basic duties, free education and obligatory education. The state has a duty to both.”
He added, "We see the necessity as indicated by his Eminence for cooperation, support and solidarity for the proper transit towards the best of what we are going through today, and we thank him for adopting the support of the proposed suggestions and all initiatives in this regard to reach fair solutions to escape the crisis that the educational sector is suffering from, and we appeal to everyone to cooperate and collaborate in these conditions. "
Sheikh Al-Aql then received a member of the Constitutional Council, Judge Riyad Abu Ghaida.
Beirut on: 2/7/2020