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Friday 28 February 2020 - 4 Rajab 1441
His Eminence Sheikh Naeem Hasan met with his Eminence’s official representative in America Sheikh Walid Farhat in the presence of his Eminence’s representative in Australia Sheikh Muneer Gharzuddin, businessman Ali Jaroush and Hajj Mohammed Yassin


His Eminence Sheikh Aql of the Druze monotheistic faith (Tawhid), Sheikh Naeem Hasan received today in Dar Al-Taifa (Community House) in Verdun, his Eminence’s official representative to America Sheikh Walid Farhat, in the presence of the representative his Eminence in Australia, Sheikh Muneer Ghazruddin, and they discussed issues related to expatriation. Sheikh Al-Aql presented Farhat with a book of thanks for his efforts in carrying out his duties in the service of the expatriate community.
His Eminence also received businessman Ali Jaroush and Haj Mohammed Yassin.