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Friday 28 February 2020 - 4 Rajab 1441
His Eminence Sheikh Naeem Hasan received congratulations on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, most notably from MP Timor Jumblatt, as well as MPs Henry Helou, Marwan Hamadeh, Hadi Abu Al Hosn, and from former ministers Boutros Harb and Ghazi Al Aridi, in addition to Major General Ashraf Reefi


The Office of His Eminence Sheikh Al-Aql issued the following statement:
His Eminence Sheikh Aql of the Druze monotheistic faith (Tawhid), Sheikh Naeem Hasan received more congratulating calls on Eid Al-Adha, the most important of which was from the head of the Democratic Gathering MP Taymour Jumblatt, MPs Henry Helou, Marwan Hamadeh, Hadi Abu Al-Hosn, former ministers Boutros Harb and Ghazi Aridi, as well as Major General Ashraf Reefi.
He also received many congratulatory telegrams and greeting cards, most notably from: President Michel Aoun, Parliament head Nabih Berri, Prime Minister Sheikh Saad Hariri, Patriarch of Antioch and all the East for the Roman Catholic Melkites Joseph Absi, Prime Minister Tammam Salam and Prime Minister Fouad Al Sanioura, army Commander General Joseph Aoun and MPs Anwar al-Khalil, Amin Shirri, Fadi Alameh, Michel Moawad, former MP Essam Noman, Cabinet Secretary Judge Mahmoud Makkiyye, Governor of the central bank Riyad Salameh, Director of Intelligence Bureau brigadier general Antoine Mansour, and ambassadors of the following Embassies: Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, United States of America, France, Algeria, Islamic Republic of Iran, Qatar, Kingdom of Morocco, Knights of Malta, Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States in Beirut.
His Eminence also received congratulations from: Secretary General of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Azzam Al-Ayoubi, President of the Maronite General Council Wadih al-Khazen, Director of the Media Office at the Presidential Palace Mr. Rafik Shlala, Secretary-General of the King bin Abdul Aziz Center for Dialogue Dr. Faisal bin Muammar, Secretary General of the Parliament Mr. Adnan Dr. Daher, Chairman of Maqassed Islamic Charitable Association Dr. Faisal Sinno, President of AUST University Dr. Hiam Saqr, Director General of Civil Defense Brigadier General Raymond Khattar, Head of Beirut Branch of the Intelligence Bureau Brigadier General Tony Fares, Director of the Catholic Media Center Father Abdo Abu Kassem, President of Engineers Association Jad Thabet, Cluster Coordinator of People’s Committees and Associations Maan Bashour, General Manager of BLOM Development Bank Moataz Natafji, Dr. Abdel Mawla Shihab al-Din and Tele Lumiere's staff family, and President of the Al Wafaa Social association Sheikh Bilal Safiy al-Din, and head of the youth movement of Lebanon Wadih Hanna.
Beirut on: 14/8/2019