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Wednesday 11 December 2019 - 13 Rabi Al-Thani 1441
His Eminence Shaykh Naeem Hasan met with Minister Jamil Jabaq: “To support health centers and hospitals in the regions”


His Eminence Sheikh Aql of the Druze monotheistic faith (Tawhid), Sheikh Naeem Hasan met at the Community House in Beirut today with the Minister of Public Health Dr. Jamil Jabaq, accompanied by his office manager Hussain Ammar and Media Advisor Mohammed Ayyad, in the presence of Sheikh Al-Aql advisor Sheikh Ghassan Al-Halabi, as well as the member of The Religious Council Sheikh Sami Abdul Khaleq and the Director General of the Council Mazen Fayyad.
During the meeting, his Eminence welcomed Minister Jabaq and the accompanying delegation, praising the efforts exerted by the Ministry at both levels of health and social roles entrusted to it, especially at the current stage, which requires initiatives to alleviate the citizens’ burdens through the support and development of hospitals and primary health care centers, through supporting the entrusted role of these centers, and the importance of its fostering and care in mount Lebanon and Rashaya, Hasbaya and other districts.
Following the meeting, Minister Jabaq declared, “In continuation of the tours we are carrying out to the leaders of the spiritual sects, we are visiting today Sheikh Aql of the monotheistic faith (Tawhid), his Eminence Naeem Hasan in the Community House to relay to him the health services project that we adopted at the Ministry of Health, and to inform him that we put all of our capabilities in his reach, because we consider that the spiritual leaders are custodians for all the needy people in the country, where the first refuge for the needy would be the spiritual centers in Lebanon - so as they bear responsibility for the needy people, it is our duty to help them and bear part of this burden of the needs of the Lebanese citizens. We also relayed an important issue related to the primary health centers across the country to be the first responders for the Lebanese citizen and his health within the economic crisis in which we live. It is not acceptable for the patient to bear the burden of high expenses for treatment of minor diseases. These diseases will be treated at the primary health centers on the expense of The Ministry of Health with a minor cost which does not exceed eight or ten thousand pounds, including medicine and radiographs and laboratory tests, and the patients who need hospitalization will be transferred to the contracted competent centers at the expense of the ministry”.
Beirut on 20/6/2019