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Sunday 19 May 2019 - 14 Ramadan 1440
His Eminence Sheikh Akl Sheikh Naim Hassan in Front of the Arab Youth Dialogue Forum: “To confront all attempts to stir sedition and fanaticism”


His Eminence Sheikh Akl of the Druze Unitarian Community Sheikh Naim Hassan has received at the Druze community house in Beirut, a delegation from the Forum of "Arab Youth for Dialogue among the Followers of Religions and Cultures" which follows King Abdullah Ben Aziz's Center for Dialogue, and which included figures from most Arab countries, with the participation of the Director of Fellowships Programs in the Arab region, Wassim Haddad, and the presence of the Councilor of Akl Sheikhdom Cheikh Ghassan Halabi.
The representatives of the countries issued speeches expressing respect, and appreciation of the positions of Sheikh Akl and his wisdom. Furthermore, they conveyed the greetings of the religious authorities they represent.
His Eminence also received the representative of Akl Sheikhdom in Australia Sheikh Mounir Gharz El Din, and it was a discussion about the affairs and anguish of emigration.
Beirut on August 31, 2018