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Sunday 19 May 2019 - 14 Ramadan 1440
His Eminence Sheikh Akl Sheikh Naim Hassan has Visited the Authorities and Received Phone Calls for Al-Adha


His Eminence Sheikh Akl of the Druze Unitarian Community Sheikh Naim Hassan has made a tour with members of the advisory body on religious authorities and a number of distinguished Sheikhs, who are honorable Sheikhs that came as following, Sheikh Amin Sayegh - Charoun, Sheikh Abu Mahmoud Sleiman Abdel Khalek - Majdel Baana, Sheikh Abu Sleiman Hassib El Sayegh and Sheikh Anwar Sayegh - Maasertay, and Sheikh Abu Saleh Mohammad Andari - Baalechmay. So they fulfilled the duty of condolence at Abadiyah in the presence of Sheikh Adel Nemer. The delegation included Sheikh Abu Mahmoud Said Abu Faraj - Khelwat Abey, Sheikh Sleiman Choujaa - Khelwat Al Bayada, Sheikh Nassib Madi - Khelwat Abadieh, Sheikh Hassan Maher - Chouf, and Sheikh Ghassan Halabi - Beirut. His Eminence also received congratulatory phone calls on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, the most important of which was the President of the Democratic Gathering Party, Deputy Taymor Jumblatt, and the Deputies Neemat Tohme, Henry El Helou, Marwan Hamade, Samir El Gisr, former Deputy Mohamed Qabbani, Archbishop of Beirut, Maronite Archbishop Boulos Matar and Fransabank General Manager Nadim Kassar.
Beirut on August 27, 2018